Letters to the Editor

Ritter’s legacy will be one of excess taxes and laws

Dear Editor,

You try to make Bill Ritter a great person and a leader for our youth with your story in the Dec. 24 edition of The Statesman. (“Public service, not politics, on Ritter’s agenda.”) You are so misled with your story. He has taken a state that was on the move and has over burdened us. Taxes and laws that we cannot live with and do not need. He has taken money out of our pockets for purposes and then used it to shore up the general fund. We have been lied to again by the same old liberal crap. Ritter knows he had only one shot with his crap and now wants to run and hide behind his family. DON’T PUT HIM ON A PEDESTAL.

Ron Augustine
Colorado Sales Manager
Mountain View — Predictive Maintenance Technologies
Wellington, Colo.