Letters to the Editor

Give health care reform in Colorado a chance

Dear Editor,

The National Federation of Independent Business’s opinions about health care are out of the mainstream. People do want reform and the benefits are just starting to make a difference. Given time these reform measures will not only help people by keeping them healthier, they will reduce the cost to government and businesses by having fewer sick days to pay out and reducing the cost of insurance.

Any responsible employer provides insurance for their employees and this law will only benefit them in the long run.

NFIB’s prehistoric ideas remind me of the when Social Security was made law and also Medicare not that long ago. The opposition was fierce but thankfully their forces were defeated.

These have been successful programs. If given the right management and if congress would keep their money sticky fingers out of the funds they would be even more successful.

Give health care reform a chance before condemning it and make changes as needed to make it better, don’t abandon it totally.

Get your heads out of the sand and stand up for the people, not your wallet.

John Rullo