Letters to the Editor

Let’s move forward to restore belief in the Republican brand again

Dear Editor,

First and foremost, thank you to those who supported me throughout the campaign for Colorado state GOP Chair. I know that many were not voting members, but I appreciate the opportunity to spread our positive message.

That message — restoring trust and integrity to the party leadership, and repairing the damaged “brand” of the GOP by emphasizing our core principles — still resonates among voters (both in general, and among the party faithful).

The message of holding our leadership accountable — among elected officials in public and party office alike — also resonates. I am encouraged by the positive, respectful, and energetic campaign waged by our new leadership team, and by their commitment to transparency and accountability as they lead our party forward into the 2012 elections.

Congratulations to Ryan Call, Don Ytterberg and Perry Buck — our new Republican leadership team. I look forward to working with all of them as called upon, as we move forward to restore belief in the Republican brand once again — which remains the critical task to achieving victory in the battle of ideas among voters, and ultimately winning at the ballot box.

As important as it is that we win elections, the greater victory (and the entire point of winning elections at all) can only come if we make sure that the vast majority of Coloradans who already agree with our core principles can say once again that they trust us to stand for something and then follow through on it. This country, and our state, cannot afford much more of the tax-and-spend Democrats, but if we continue with business as usual, that’s all we’ll continue to get.

The Republican Party, like most human institutions, seeks to maintain a sense of continuity — and our newly-elected leadership team clearly reflects that desire, and will continue to represent the traditions of the party going forward. Ryan is a good man, a loyal Republican, and a friend — and I believe that he will welcome participation by all who wish to work with the party to advance our goals and elect advocates of our principles to public office.

Congratulations again, Ryan — I look forward to working with you and this party for true victory in 2012 and beyond.

For Freedom,
Matt Arnold