Jay Fox's Dining Guide


“Recipe: a series of step-by-step instructions for preparing ingredients you forgot to buy, in utensils you don’t own, to make a dish the dog wouldn’t eat.” — Author unknown

316 Bear Creek Avenue, Morrison
PO Box 88, Morrison, 80465

MUH BEST BUD, MASTER MICHAEL FLOORWAX, has been taking me to The Blue Cow for many moons. I’ve been trying to keep it a secret cuz it ain’t a very big place. I hate to go and not find a table. It’s good if they always have one table open for me. I’ve mentioned them a time or two when I tellya about the best burgers in town. Yeah, I sed burgers, not buggers, cuz the latter term has sorta outlived its popularity, so I need a new word. Any ideas?

This not-very-noticeable main drag eatery in downtown Morrison is just west of the Sinclair station in an old white building that looks like a large DQ. That’s cuz they serve a lot of house-made ice cream thru the north side window. You’ll see folks lined up at the window all summer. But the restaurant is open all year-long. Hours tend to change seasonally. Currently “The Cow” is open for breakfast and lunch Monday thru Saturday, 7 am to 4 pm, and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm. Breakfast is served until 11 am. During the nice weather, from April ‘til sometime in October they’re also open for dinner Thursday thru Saturday. Call for hours.

Owners Pam and Charlie Nathan, married over 40 years, are often found doing everything from bussing and serving tables to cleaning the floors, whatever needs to be done. Maybe even cooking? They’ve been serving everything from malts to margaritas since 1990. Before that Charlie worked as a miner for 26 years and Pam worked in a variety of restaurants. Both are native Coloradoans, grew up in Morrison and attended Bear Creek High together a few plus some years back. The exciting news (for me) is that Pam is a BUCKEYE, a graduate of The Ohio State University. Check out the full family history on the back of the menu. No comments about the OSU football team ‘til next year when we have a new head coach and seasoned players. Their freshman quarterback, Braxton Miller, is gonna kick butt.

Gotta tellya about t-shirts, tho not the ones they sell. I got me a special t-shirt but not the way most folks do. One of muh favoritist things in this world is a good, thin, New York style, malt. I’ve tried several here over the years and sometimes they’re terrific and sometimes kinda sucko, depends on who’s making the malt. But that’s the only thing I’ve ever found here not to my liking. I guess staff needs malt-training. One time Floorwax and I were here for lunch and Charlie was wandering, serving dishes, bussing tables, etc. I asked him if he would personally make me chocolate malt, extra thin. Maybe the best malt I’ve ever had. It was blended perfectly with that just-right flavor and density. Only one teensy problem. There was a teeny weeny hole in the bottom of the plastic cup, and about the time I drained this yummy malt, Wax pointed at my once-upon-a-time white t-shirt, and there was chocolate all the way from the tippy top to the lowermost bottom, and from side to side. Never did get to wear that shirt again.

Breakfast is served ‘til 11 a.m. They offer the usual breakfast fare: pancakes, waffles, French toast, biscuits and gravy, omelets and the like, ceptin’ here they’re good. You can get a bagel and cream cheese, Italian sausage, green chili, and the biggest cinnamon roll around. Want a latte’ or cappuccino, got that too. Even got a Hammerhead, whatever the heck that is.

Lunch is my thing. Burger Time. They serve one of the best burgers in the metro area. The fresh burger comes in your choice of a 1⁄3 pound or ½ pound size with the usual accompaniments and choice of sides, served on a well-toasted onion Kaiser roll. There’s a large variety of sangies including a yummy Cuban sangie and a terrific Reuben sangie. There are daily specials and house-made soups. I usually pass on the fries and get a side salad for a few pennies extra that is terrific and has everything in it but the kitchen sink. Sometimes Wax will skip the real food and order a large salad that satisfies. I’m not going into detail about the dinner menu, since it’s not available right now. Munchies include quesadillas, calamari, chips ‘n’ salsa and special fries. There’s a variety of salads as well as the house-made soup of the day. Dinner fare includes a steak burrito, several steaks, burgers, fish and chips and even specials for the rugrats. Most everything in the restaurant including the soups and most salad dressings are house-made.

The recently remodeled patio is open during good weather, but the one time Wax and I ate out there was muh last. It’s truly beautiful, with lots plants that unfortunately attract bees and them darn bees ate more of muh burger than I did, and folks, like muh granddaughter, Harper, I don’t share.

The Cow offers a limited selection of beer and wine. Cash and credit cards are welcome, but sorry, no checks. Be sure to check out their website. In addition to all the menus, there are stories about the nice things Pam and Charlie do for their town besides serving great grub. They even wrote a cookbook but it’s just a wee bit pricey.


Jay Fox is the restaurant and dining critic for The Statesman. He can be reached at: jay@jayfoxcpa.com.