Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Americans Elect isn’t the only third party in town

Dear Editor,

You did a big disservice to the state of Colorado when you chose not to objectively provide complete information about political parties in our state in one of your Dec. 9 articles. In the story titled “Americans Elect offers presidential alternative to Colorado voters,” you shirked journalistic responsibility when you did not include at least one paragraph in your 17-paragraph article about Colorado’s existing minor or third parties.

While a quote high in the story suggests that Americans Elect finally gives us a third choice on ballots and an alternative to the current two choices, the statement is incorrect and misleading. At the very least, the reporter could have noted that Colorado has had at least two other choices for more than a decade. The Green Party of Colorado and the Libertarian Party are the state’s third and fourth largest political parties, both with larger membership than the American Constitution Party which is mentioned later in the article.

It seems sensible that newspapers and their editors and reporters should never leave out mention of Colorado’s existing minor parties when reporting on new plans for minor parties. Similarly, though it seems to be a tradition of editors, often influenced by allegiance to the two major parties, to do the opposite, newspapers should be diligent in providing at least mention of minor party candidates whenever they are present in a race covered by an election article. It is an injustice and simply unfair to Colorado voters to ignore real political alternatives that exist.

Tanya Ishikwa
Former state co-chair of the Green Party of Colorado
Current Adams-Jefferson Greens secretary

P.S. I am also an elected member of the Federal Heights City Council but these views do not represent any topic discussed or voted on by our council or city.