Letters to the Editor

Substantive ideas separate candidates in Regent’s race

Dear Editor,

Regarding the March 30 Colorado Statesman article, “Style trumps policy splits in CU Regent’s primary,” the overarching theme of the article — that “style trumps policy splits” — misses the mark.

It’s actually style AND substance that define a clear choice between Republican CU Regent primary candidates — the Arnold4Colorado campaign is the ONLY one to advance substantive ideas to address both cost containment and the quality of educational content at the University of Colorado.

If generating substantive ideas and standing up for principles (including at times being forthright with people who are otherwise friends and allies) rather than simply mouthing platitudes and weak statements of support without action is just a matter of “style,” then the headline (on an otherwise generally good article) is valid; if not, then it’s a bit misleading.

My opponent also attempted to characterize my criticism of the Board’s condemnation of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling overturning the (illegal) CU Gun Ban as having “picked a fight with a number of different regents on an issue that’s already been decided” and intimated that although he agreed, he wouldn’t raise the issue.

However, although the court had ruled to overturn the CU policy, statements by the administration (and some regents) hinted at efforts to subvert the court’s ruling (as has happened in other states after similar court rulings struck down campus gun bans) so the issue was far from “decided.”

On that issue, as on many others, my opponent has laid bare his inclination to “go along, get along” rather than take a strong, principled stand — to “fight” — on an issue of fundamental rights and student safety.

My opponent also exposes his inability to grasp the “big picture” on the relevance, quality, and content of education — what is taught — while attempting to distill learning to strictly economic terms and outcomes.

This betrays his narrow focus on “job training” in general, and the CU Medical Center in particular (which seems to be the only area on which he speaks with both knowledge and passion).

To put things in “medical language,” the job description of CU Regent calls for a generalist, not a specialist.

Former Regent Norwood Robb’s statement that rather than “working with the dynamics of what the board is” that I would “seek to change that dynamic” is, conversely, entirely accurate:

I would indeed seek to “change the dynamic” of a sclerotic Board that has given us five consecutive years of tuition hikes, exorbitant salary increases, and continued wasteful spending while allowing indoctrination to trump education.

In fact, a “fighter” willing to “change the dynamic” on the CU Board of Regents is precisely what is needed to exercise real oversight and ensure accountability on behalf of the voters and taxpayers of Colorado.

Matt Arnold
Candidate, CU Regent (At-Large)