Letters to the Editor

Let the speculation end here — vote at Adams County Dem assembly was 100 percent accurate

Dear Editor,

In your March 23rd edition, you ran a headline alluding to “Speculation about stuffed ballot boxes” at the Adams County Democratic Party assembly. As a delegate and vote counter at the assembly, I’d like to set the record straight and clear up any “speculation” people may be engaging in.

At our March 17th assembly, we experienced some human error in our voting process. It originated with our volunteers conducting sign-in.

Some people may prefer sensational charges to mundane explanations, but the simple fact is it was human error. The initial sign-in reports from volunteers to the credentials committee didn’t match the master list. There is a process to go through when such discrepancies arise, we went through the process, and the process worked. There was no integrity issue, ever, at any step in the voting or the recount. The final vote count was accurate the whole way through the recounting process. The initial vote count was 100 percent accurate, as verified by a third party audit.

The story of the day, ironically, was that rank and file Democrats denied ballot access to an incumbent County Commissioner who is under a dark cloud due to an investigation into allegations of corruption. We Democrats of Adams County spoke loud and clear, with over 75 percent of us voting for a fresh start with Chaz Tedesco in that commissioner seat.

Instead, you chose to focus on the speculation of one or two disgruntled delegates. I realize ad revenues in the journalism industry are down. I hope professional standards of journalism don’t follow.


Michael A. Scanlon
Commerce City