Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Taxes, hookers and Phar Lap — got your attention?

Dear Editor,

Obama and his gang of czars and agency heads remind me of the guys who bet on the great running horse Phar Lap. They weighted down and bet on Phar Lap until he broke. Allegedly, these gangsters feared Phar Lap would jeopardize their bookmakers, and possibly slipped him a large dose of arsenic that contributed to his death. Sound Saul Alinsky familiar?

Ever watch the life of Judy Garland? She was Louis B. Mayer’s great running horse! A money making machine for Mayer, he bet on, weighted down, and over demanded her until she shattered.

Now consider that you’re a Phar Lap/Judy Garland combo, and Obama is an Alinsky/Mayer combo. Because you’re the American entrepreneur, business builder, risk taker, job creator, talented damn hard worker and good running horse, Obama is betting on and weighting you down with taxes and regulation.

As I’ve stated many times, in addition to being economically stupid, over taxing the rich escapes justification as surely as claiming it’s OK to rape a hooker because they’re in the sex business.

Any elected official who orders unjust taxation of any American knowingly steals and should be arrested, tried, and justly punished like any low bred thief! Or at the least they should be fired for being stupid.

Roni Bell Sylvester
Volunteer Editor