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“I refuse to believe that trading recipes is silly. Tuna-fish casserole is at least as real as corporate stock.” — Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

321 E. Colfax Ave. – 303-861-0726

IT’S BEEN ALMOST 15 YEARS since Rich Salturelli and Chef David Minty took over the former J. Beatty’s restaurant a block east of the state capitol. Big Jim had run the place for many years before heading to Pueblo for new opportunities and new challenges. And then Rich recently turned his attention to running one of his other ventures, CityPub (3575 S. Yosemite St., 303-694-0454), and decided the time to sell was right.

Sisters Nancy Brady and Helen Patterson, both of whom have worked at CityGrille for years, jumped at the opportunity to do their own thing. Both had been in the restaurant business for many years before joining the staff here.

Sisters Helen Patterson and Nancy Brady, both who worked at CityGrille for years, have taken over ownership of the restaurant. A new addition on the menu is brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.
Photo by Jody Hope Strogoff/The Colorado Statesman

Some fresh paint, new curtains (naturally) and additional lighting have given the place just the right amount of facelift to keep regulars coming and to attract new clientele. The menu was updated a few years back, but the addition of a weekend brunch menu has already attracted a new crowd.

The offer of $8 unlimited Mimosas jumps off the page of the new weekend brunch menu. Over a dozen brunch dishes grab the rest of your attention. There are traditional breakfast items: breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, homemade biscuits & gravy, and eggs benedict. Add to that corned beef hash, crab benedict, challah french toast, a 6 oz. flat iron steak and eggs and CityGrille biscuit sliders (biscuits filled with scrambled egg, sausage, cheese and green chili strips) served with hash browns. Finally, there’s the Hangover — a burger topped with homemade jalapeno jelly, cream cheese, bacon and a fried egg. Wow! G will luv it.

New to the daily menu is the six4six lunch special. Six lunch items for $6. Choose from a cup of house-made soup & salad or Caesar salad; Thai chicken salad; bbq pulled pork sangie; Yankee pot roast; mac & cheese with house salad; or beef burrito with beans & chips.

Don’t forget their large selection of burgers cooked to order. They also offer more than a dozen sangies, everything from a traditional club to their popular BLTCC (BLT plus green chiles and jack cheese). Try the yummy flatiron steak sangie or their version of a Cubano sangie. They also offer several grill items including mac and cheese, surf and turf and fish and chips. I think the most popular menu items, other than the burgers, are their Southwestern specialties. They also do yummy happy hour goodies.

Note that they make the best cole slaw in town and probably the best green chili. All the recipes came from Chef Minty who still cooks here part-time. For more on their elaborate menu, check out their website, www.citygrille.com. Sign up for e-mail offers.

Finally, if you have allergies, be sure to check with your server and make sure he or she checks with the manager.


Have you been ripped off at Outback Steakhouse lately? Their (wonderful) cheesecake usta be a good size piece for under $5. So then they cut the size in about half, and charged about $3. So they combined the deal; it’s now almost $5 again for the same small piece… Anyone ever been to a restaurant by the name of Beatrice & Woodsley? Sounds like a furniture store. Too short a name for a law firm…why can’t I get a certain table at Earl’s (Park Ghetto)? I’ve reserved it twice now, and both times they gave it to someone else before I got there. Really ticks me off… Chicago’s ridiculously-priced Charlie Trotter’s downtown finally closed…Mark Mallen tells me that he’s opening a Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato store at University and Hampden in February in the new King Stoopers center. Best darn gelato and ice cream in the state. They have several stores in Boulder and points north.


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