Letters to the Editor

Where’s your compassion for a mother who has lost her baby?

Dear Editor,

The tone of the paragraph below in Peter Marcus’ story about personhood in the Aug. 9, 2013 issue is really disturbing. Painting a mother who lost her baby and then was told the five time drunk driver wouldn’t be held accountable for Brady’s death should elicit a modicum of compassion in most human beings.

Portraying Heather as stridently “marching” into the Capitol is inaccurate and unkind and reinforces the belief that media outlets are biased and simply unwilling to write honestly about those who view life as sacred and worthy of legal protection.

For every innocent,

Leslie Hanks
American Right to Life

Editor’s Note: We certainly did not mean to show a lack of compassion regarding the loss of life. Rather, the reporter was merely trying to convey that Heather Surovick was moved to the extent that she wanted to help affect legislation so this tragedy did not repeat itself.