Can Beauprez help lure RNC to Denver — and run for guv?

Let’s see... I’ll run against Hick this year, and hope he’ll continue to help us promote Denver as the host city for the 2016 RNC at the same time...
The Colorado Statesman

The intrigue surrounding the possibility of Bob Beauprez running for governor this year has become more intense, with rumors widely circulating that the unsuccessful 2006 Republican nominee for governor is on the verge of jumping into this year’s already crowded contest against incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper.

But Beauprez, who just two weeks ago assumed the helm of the Colorado effort to bring the GOP National Convention to Denver in 2016, insists this newest salesmanship venture is “100 percent of my focus” and that he’s “all in on that.”

“I don’t really have a choice,” the former congressman told The Colorado Statesman this week. With the RNC requiring proposals from the cities wishing to host the 2016 national convention due by Feb. 26, Beauprez said he’s obligated to make sure Denver’s bid is completed so it can be considered along with those of other potential host venues, such as Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Columbus, OH and several more.

Bob Beauprez tells reporters that
the Governor has pledged his
support to bring the RNC to Denver.

Beauprez acknowledged this week that it could be awkward to serve as Colorado’s lead point person for Denver’s bipartisan effort to lure the RNC into town, and also run against the governor, whose support for Denver’s bid was heralded a couple weeks ago by Beauprez himself at a briefing with reporters. “It would be very difficult,” he said.

“My intention is to stay around,” Beauprez said about his role as chief promoter of Denver’s convention effort. He reiterated the importance of making sure Denver got its bid done by the end of this month.

Asked whether he might bow out of his RNC role after the upcoming deadline, Beauprez said he has “the intention to stay.”

But Beauprez also acknowledged he’s cognizant of the upcoming caucuses to be held on March 4, and the earlier than usual election calendar that has the primary election on June 24. “It’s on my mind, sure,” he said, dashing speculation that he’s ruled out a race for governor in total.

“Are you 100 percent not running?” The Statesman queried.

“We’ll see,” Beauprez said.

“I’ll admit I’m curious, but [have] not made a decision,” Beauprez also said during the interview.

As for recent speculation that he was hoping to find someone to take his place as the lead promoter of Denver’s RNC bid, Beauprez said it was clearly not the case and that he was committed to his work in the bid process.

But before the interview concluded, Beauprez added, “Nothing is forever.”

As for the rumor that he’s planning to announce his candidacy for governor on Monday, Beauprez pointed out that he’ll be in northwest Colorado all next week, tending to his buffalo herd and other ranch business.