Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gubernatorial candidate Beauprez dropped liberty’s torch long ago

Dear Editor,

Candidate for Governor Bob Beauprez is out with a new commercial claiming he will defend individual liberty and constitutional rights.

Sadly, during his time in the U.S. House of Representatives, Bob Beauprez voted for multiple assaults on our liberties under the Bill of Rights, including: allowing warrant-less wiretapping, indefinite detention of accused prisoners, and allowing hearsay evidence at trial. He even voted to allow the FBI to continue to collect your personal records, including fire arms transactions, without informing you!

Bob Beauprez claims that it is the job of government to force its citizens to be “responsible” and buy health insurance. He even went so far as to compare those who choose not to purchase insurance to someone who walks out of the grocery store without paying for his items.

The good news is that liberty is popular! The bad news is that, for many candidates, liberty is a slogan for a campaign commercial. It is indefensible for a man who has supported the worst offenses against personal freedom, of both the left and the right, to claim that he will defend liberty. Bob Beauprez’s ‘Liberty’s Promise’ is an empty promise.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the principles of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise in Colorado.

Earl Bandy
RLC Colorado Chairman