Letters to the Editor

Rayburn campaign off base in effort to discredit poll

Dear Editor,

In attempting to discredit a polling agreement between its candidate and Jeff Crank, the Rayburn campaign has attempted to rewrite history. Interestingly, at no time before, during or after the poll during private conversations did the Rayburn campaign accuse the Crank campaign or its pollster of violating the agreement. Only in its public attempts to discredit the poll has the Rayburn camp appropriated such terminology and characterizations.

The poll was signed and agreed to by the two campaigns. The information generated by the poll belongs to the two campaigns. The Homebuilders Association of Colorado Springs facilitated the discussion, but was not a party to the agreement. HBA representatives have affirmed their role as facilitators of the project and the campaigns have confirmed theirs as the owners of the data.

Originally, the HBA had suggested its preference to retain an independent pollster to conduct the project. The Crank campaign agreed to that arrangement. The Rayburn campaign objected, insisting that its pollster have a role in the project.

Both campaigns were, therefore, represented by pollsters during the development and execution of this project. Both campaigns and their pollsters agreed to use Western WATS to conduct the calls. The Crank campaign agreed to this in spite of a long, pre-existing relationship between Rayburn’s pollster, Chris Wilson and the call center. (Crank’s pollster, David Hill, had no such relationship.)

Additional interviews were conducted above the agreed upon 400 and some were conducted on a day that was not agreed to by the two campaigns. These developments, while unfortunate, were not caused by the Crank campaign or its pollster, nor do they have any bearing on the poll’s indisputable results.

The data is sound, and the results are compelling, in spite of the Rayburn campaign’s best efforts.

Alan Philp
Campaign Manager
Jeff Crank for Congress