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Stevens, Tyler: Colorado is ready to cut carbon pollution with clean power

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This year is on track to extend the streak of hottest years on record for this planet. Colorado has experienced exactly the extreme weather events predicted by the science of climate change.

Tri-State seeks exemption to mercury rule for Nucla plant

The Colorado Statesman

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling against the EPA’s mercury regulations came as much-needed good news for Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Colorado’s second-largest electricity provider.

Cannabis industry has arrived, marketing expert tells Colorado business group

The Colorado Statesman

Like it or not, the cannabis industry has arrived.

One of the industry’s leading marketing gurus told a business networking group in Centennial last Thursday that regulation has made Colorado’s growing cannabis market a success — at least for now.

The Opportunity Coalition, which sponsors forums for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect, brought Dixie Elixir’s marketing chief Joe Hodas to discuss the growth of the industry in Colorado.

Coloradans split over EPA's Clean Power plan

The Colorado Statesman

It is either the greatest thing since sliced bread or a drastic action that will lead to breadlines.

The debate over President Obama's Clean Power Plan left little room for middle ground this week, as environmentalists hailed the Environmental Protection Agency’s tough new climate rules, while others geared up for what could be a lengthy court battle.

The plan, announced Monday, aims to slash climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions produced by U.S. power plants.

Colorado crowdfunding law goes into effect

The Colorado Statesman

Colorado this week becomes the newest state to allow start-up businesses and entrepreneurs an opportunity to “crowdfund” for in-state investors.

With new rules put in place, the state’s Division of Securities also hopes to avoid some of the problems that intrastate equity crowdfunding has run into elsewhere.

Crowdfunding, which has been around for about 15 years, is a way for an entrepreneur or business to raise funds by soliciting contributions, usually over the Internet.

Strode: Oral Health Colorado says it’s crucial Denver Water sticks with fluoridation

Advocacy Denver

Promoting policies that support oral health for all Coloradans, on the federal, state, and local levels, is the work of Oral Health Colorado. Currently, the eight-year-old advocacy organization is focused on retaining Denver Water’s policy of water fluoridation. In an interview with Catherine Strode, executive director Deborah Foote says the Denver Water Board Commissioners’ Aug. 10 vote whether or not to continue fluoridating its water is a crucial one for Colorado and for the entire country.

Catherine Strode: Why is Oral Health Colorado supporting water fluoridation?

Hillary rips Republicans, rallies Dems at Denver organizing event

The Colorado Statesman

Hillary Clinton tore into Republican presidential candidates at her first campaign appearance in Colorado on Tuesday in Denver, blasting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in particular for his positions on immigration and remarks he made earlier that day about women’s health.

“I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship,” said the Democratic presidential candidate to cheers from an estimated 300 supporters inside a sweltering La Rumba nightclub. “There is no place in the United States for second-class citizenship.”

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Goldin-Dubois: Colorado well positioned to achieve EPA carbon limits

Guest Contributor

The Clean Power Plan issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Aug. 2 represents the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from power plants and is a critical step in addressing climate change.

Gardner, Hancock call for strong U.S. role overseas at foreign-policy forum

The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock may not agree on everything, but they both want to see the United States fulfill its role as a global leader, not withdraw from it.

They joined foreign-affairs specialists Friday at the Ritz-Carlton Denver for a policy discussion sponsored by the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, which backs civilian-led efforts to promote U.S. economic development overseas, foreign aid and diplomacy.

This week's political cartoon

Rep. Klingenschmitt and Cecil the Boy Scout Leader

Another Cecil killing?
The Colorado Statesman

This week's political cartoon by editorial cartoonist and Statesman Publisher Jared Wright, "Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt and Cecil the Boy Scout Leader."