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Colorado Republicans praise latest Florida court ruling on health care reform

The Colorado Statesman

As expected by many legal experts and hoped for by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, a Florida judge on Monday ruled the federal health care law passed in 2009 is unconstitutional.

'Non-candidate' Mayor Vidal urged to run

The Colorado Statesman

With fourteen candidates (so far) in Denver’s burgeoning race for mayor, you’d think there were enough contenders to please (and appease) just about everyone in town.

Museum’s ‘4000 Year Road Trip’ sparks interest

The Journey began Wednesday night in southeast Denver at a reception attended by Denver’s mayor, but it actually has been 4000 years in the making.

Labor lightning rod Golombek survives sparks in contentious confirmation hearing

The Colorado Statesman

The Colorado Senate on Wednesday approved the nomination of Ellen Golombek to head the state Department of Labor and Employment over strong objections from Senate Republicans, who charged the appointment of the former union boss and political organizer smacks of the divisive partisanship Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has said he wants to avoid.

Amazon tax blocked by Colorado court

The Colorado Statesman

A U.S. District Court judge in Denver Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction that would block the enforcement of a controversial law passed by the General Assembly last year.

Colorado delegation claims bipartisan camaraderie

Sen. Udall unseats partisan protocol
The Colorado Statesman

When President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday night, television viewers saw a sea of red and blue in ties and suits as Democratic and Republican Congress members sat together for the first time in 89 years.

O’Malley won’t seek second term as Denver clerk and recorder

Stephanie O’Malley, Denver’s first elected clerk and recorder, said this week she won’t be seeking a second term in the upcoming municipal election. She said she plans to explore her options and devote time to her family.

Salazar wins approval in genial confirmation hearing

The Colorado Statesman

Compared to the morning floor fight in the Senate over the confirmation of Department of Labor and Employment Executive Director Ellen Golombek, Wednesday’s committee hearing on the confirmation of John Salazar as Commissioner of Ag couldn’t have been easier.

Mesa State College attempts to opt-out of state personnel system, but bill is unlikely to succeed

The Colorado Statesman

A plan by Mesa State College to get its classified employees out of the state personnel system is awaiting approval from the House this week, but it faces an almost certain demise in the Senate.

The world turns out for Stratton-Carpenter

Considering that Tuesday evening’s gathering of politicos was held at the fabled Palm restaurant in downtown Denver, you’d naturally expect a large contingent of movers and shakers moseying around the clubby steak house. But Mike Stratton and Jim Carpenter, hosts of this pre-State of the Union shindig, proved that politics is truly about the parties. This one, for sure, will go down as one of the best.