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Mayor’s race winds down with three bunched at top

The Colorado Statesman

As votes trickle in with less than a week remaining before Denver’s municipal election, mayoral candidates are beating the bushes for ballots in what has turned into a close race for a spot in the anticipated runoff.

Positively Carla: Birthday party celebrates councilwoman’s life, spark

The Colorado Statesman

Paul Weiss looked up from the throngs of celebrants that surrounded him on the west side of the Denver Museum of Science and Nature last Saturday. “The forecast said it would rain,” he said, with a gleam in his eye and a note of astonishment in his voice, “but look at this!”

Boigon drops out of mayoral race, endorses Hancock

The Colorado Statesman

With just over two weeks to go until Denver’s mayoral election — and a day after a poll showed the race has turned into a statistical dead heat between three candidates — Carol Boigon dropped out of the running and threw her support to one of the front-runners, fellow City Council member Michael Hancock.

Mayor race tightens, charges start flying

The Colorado Statesman

As Denver voters began returning ballots this week, the leading candidates for a spot in the June mayoral runoff have kept their heads down and their elbows out.

Ex-Gov. Dean: Health care law can lose the mandate, needs cost controls

The Colorado Statesman

The Supreme Court can go ahead and strike down a controversial requirement that Americans purchase health insurance, but that won’t undermine last year’s landmark health care reform law, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean told a group assembled at a Denver law office last week.

Michelle Obama applauds military families at Coors

'You all are sacrificing'
The Colorado Statesman

DENVER — First Lady Michelle Obama helped children of military families run the bases at Coors Field during an appearance to launch an effort aimed at supporting service members and their families on Wednesday.

Ballots hit mailboxes, Denver mayoral campaigns hit home stretch in close race

The Colorado Statesman

As Denver election officials prepared to drop ballots in the mail on Thursday, the leading mayoral campaigns shifted into high gear this week: debuting TV ads, unfurling policy statements, unveiling key endorsements and announcing what can only be described as stunts in the chase for votes.

Denver panel looks at ways to reduce nation’s debt and deficit

Budget impasse keeps sponsors in D.C.
The Colorado Statesman

Colorado’s two U.S. senators convened a discussion in Denver on April 8 about reducing the nation’s debt and deficit but were unable to attend because of one of the very roadblocks fingered by the forum’s participants — partisan wrangling.

Hickenlooper has a horse, E-I-E-I-O

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper has a memento of his old job decorating his newest gig this week: a fiberglass horse that once sat outside the offices of the Denver mayor.

The late Tom Farley honored in House

The Colorado House honored one of their own on March 31, paying tribute to the late Tom Farley of Pueblo, who served in the Legislature from 1965-1974, including as a former minority leader. Farley died last August after a six-month battle with cancer.