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WTC steel makes strong statement in Denver

Special to The Colorado Statesman

When Melanie Pearlman, the executive director of Denver’s counterterrorism educational center found the perfect World Trade Center artifact to be displayed at an exhibit about terrorism next month, she thought, “This one’s just right.”

Hancock relents, lets press use recorders

The Colorado Statesman

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock didn’t make any “crazy news” at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon at city hall, but by then the arrangements for the press conference itself already had.

Following an outcry from reporters and ridicule by bloggers, the new mayor — in office just 23 days — conducted a half-hour, formal event for about a dozen reporters and a couple of television cameras instead of the casual “pen and paper” briefing originally set by press secretary Amber Miller.

Hickenlooper for vice president in 2016?

Don’t be surprised, poll says

John Hickenlooper is proving to be one of the most popular governors in the country, according to a poll conducted this month by Public Policy Polling (PPP) which shows that 54 percent of Colorado voters approve of him to only 24 percent who disapprove. That +30 net approval spread makes him the third most popular sitting governor out of 42 which PPP has polled on, putting him behind only Nebraska’s Dave Heineman and Arkansas’ Mike Beebe.

Western Conservative Summit 2011

The Colorado Statesman

If Georgia businessman Herman Cain wins the presidency next year, he might mark his stunning straw poll win at a gathering of Colorado conservatives as a turning point in his campaign. And even if the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO doesn’t ascend to the highest office in the land, he’ll likely still savor the memory of his reception in Denver last weekend, when nearly 1,000 cheering audience members leapt to their feet with sustained applause after his speech and then proceeded to vote for the Republican in overwhelming numbers.

GOPer Cain dominates Colorado conservative summit straw poll

The Colorado Statesman

Here are the results of the Western Conservative Summit’s inaugural presidential straw poll, conducted on July 31 near the conclusion of the three-day confab in Denver. The names of 14 declared and rumored Republican presidential candidates appeared on the ballot, as well as President Barack Obama. (Not surprisingly, after a weekend largely devoted to arguing that a second Obama term could destroy the country, the Democrat didn’t receive a single vote.) There was also a space to write in candidates.

Oil, natural gas extraction is clean, says Gov

Special to The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper called negative reports concerning dangers associated with hydraulic fracturing “hyperbole,” arguing that there is no scientific fact to indicate that the oil and natural gas extraction process contaminates groundwater in Colorado.

Heath, education proponents submit initiative petitions

Special to The Colorado Statesman

Education advocates, standing outside the downtown building which houses the secretary of state’s office, turned in 142,160 signatures Monday to place Initiative 25, which would inject almost $3 billion into preschool through higher public education during the next five years, on the Nov. 1 ballot.

Surrounded by children, parents, volunteers, colleagues from the state Legislature, and dozens of boxes filled to the brim with signature packets, state Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, laid out the Bright Colorado coalition’s case for voters to approve what would amount to a tax hike.

A 'healthy' discourse over our health care

Special to The Colorado Statesman

A committee charged with keeping watch over Colorado’s health care insurance exchange board held its first meeting on Monday, airing concerns about an imbalance of power by industry members over consumers on the board. Securing a steady funding stream for the exchange program was also discussed.

Miklosi kicks off run against Coffman while district lines are still unknown

The Colorado Statesman

Asked whether the slogan for his congressional campaign might be “Joe Miklosi: No Boundaries,” the Democratic state lawmaker demurred with a chuckle and instead directed his fire at the veteran Republican he hopes to unseat next year in a district whose lines won’t be known for months.

Tipton reiterates disdain for debt ceiling deal

Western Slope Correspondent

GRAND JUNCTION – More than 200 people, most of them Republicans and many who identified with the Tea Party, packed the City Council chambers Friday night for an hour-long question-and-answer session with 3rd District Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez.

After declaring the nation’s debt “unsustainable,” Tipton said the debt-ceiling deal “is going to hurt America.”

He explained his votes on the debt ceiling debate. His first was in favor of Speaker John Boehner’s bill, which he said he supported because it included a vote on a balanced budget amendment “and a balanced budget trumps all.”