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Liz Cheney, Laurie Romney stump for Mitt

Women for Mitt insist Obama’s economic policies hurt women
The Colorado Statesman

A group of Republican women told a crowd in Lone Tree last Thursday that it’s the sagging economy — not divisive social issues some called distractions — that should steer women voters to pick GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama.

Obama has Golden opportunity in state

President says tax cuts aren’t answer for everything
The Colorado Statesman

GOLDEN — President Barack Obama returned to Colorado last Thursday for a speech that mixed a tough foreign policy stance with his campaign’s message that a second Obama term would fight to restore the country’s middle class.

Just two days after an attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya killed the ambassador and three other Americans, Obama praised the diplomats and security “who serve in difficult and dangerous places all around the world to advance the interests and the values that we hold dear as Americans” and vowed to bring the assailants to justice.

Romney’s ‘47 percent’ incites Dems

Republicans take Obama to task over ‘redistribution’ comment
The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall and Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio tore into Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday, charging that the former Massachusetts governor’s secretly recorded remarks about 47 percent of Americans betray “something very deep, potentially deeply flawed about his character” at a press conference at a Denver park.

Romney son stumps for Dad in Jefferson County

My Dad can fix things’
The Colorado Statesman

GOLDEN — A couple hours after President Barack Obama rallied thousands of supporters in nearby Lion’s Park on Thursday, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s son Josh told a smaller group gathered in the shadow of a campaign bus on a street corner that they were invited to his father’s inauguration after he wins the election in November.

The race, the younger Romney said, won’t come down to the kind of soaring rhetoric and big dreams stoked by the first Obama campaign, but instead will hinge on the cold, hard facts of the economy and his father’s reputation for fixing things.

National, local officials go back to school

Learn about lack of school funding in Colorado
The Colorado Statesman

Education was in the spotlight in Colorado this week, as local politicians and school leaders joined with federal education and health officials on Monday to tout the state’s progress. The event at Denver’s Lowry Elementary came just prior to a Great Education Colorado luncheon on Wednesday when elected officials were told to do more to raise money for education reform in the state.

Transportation Committee gets wheels up on ‘13 bills

The Colorado Statesman

The Transportation Legislation Review Committee met on Sept. 14, voting to introduce eight bills when the legislative session begins in January, including revisiting a bill to establish penalties for driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Beau Biden rips Romney-Ryan for ignoring veterans

Vice president’s son calls GOP proposals ‘outrageous’
The Colorado Statesman

Speaking at a fundraising dinner for Jefferson County Democrats on Saturday in Lakewood, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden charged that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s failure to mention veterans or the war in Afghanistan during his acceptance speech in Tampa was no mere oversight but was “consistent” with what he termed the GOP ticket’s “outrageous” disregard for the country’s commitment to veterans.

Club 20 showcases legislative candidates

House Districts 26, 55, 57, 58, 59, 61, Senate District 8
The Colorado Statesman

GRAND JUNCTION — The illustrious Club 20 — offering a “voice to the Western Slope” — held its annual fall meeting and candidate debates at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction on Sept. 8, showcasing seven statewide races for the House and Senate.

The debates offered a comprehensive examination of candidates views from the races, including House Districts 26, 55, 57, 58, 59, 61, and Senate District 8.

Candidates level political punches

CD 3’s Scott Tipton, Sal Pace and Tisha Casida
The Colorado Statesman

GRAND JUNCTION — The gloves came off on the evening of Sept. 8 at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction when the major party candidates for the 3rd Congressional District threw around allegations of fiscal irresponsibility, tax-dodging and partisan gamesmanship.

State Rep. Sal Pace, D-Pueblo, and incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, leveled most of the political punches. But they were joined on stage by unaffiliated candidate Tisha Casida, who participated in her first formal debate in CD 3 after the Western Slope interest group Club 20 invited her to its annual fall meeting and candidate debates.

Libertarian candidate addresses Club 20

GOP Jared Wright is a no-show in HD 54 debate
The Colorado Statesman

GRAND JUNCTION — Embattled Republican State House District 54 candidate Jared Wright made a last-minute decision not to attend the politically critical Club 20 annual fall meeting and candidate debates on Sept. 8, opening the door for Libertarian candidate Tim Menger to speak at the event.

Club 20 policy bars Libertarians and other third-party candidates from participating in their biennial debates unless they represent at least 1 percent of the registered voters in the district. That wasn’t the case in HD 54, so Menger was initially not invited to participate.