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Obama returns to Colorado as GOP chooses Romney

The Colorado Statesman

“If we win Colorado, we will win this election; if we win Fort Collins, we will win this election,” President Barack Obama told a crowd of about 1,300 cheering students and supporters on a blazing hot afternoon on Monfort Quad at Colorado State University Tuesday.

Obama’s campaign stop in Fort Collins was part of a two-day “grassroots” event that took aim at college students, highlighting what the campaign believes to be a “fundamental” difference between Obama and Romney. School officials said it was the first time a sitting U.S. president had visited the Fort Collins campus.

Personhood proposal disqualified from ballot

Proponents plan to appeal ruling
The Colorado Statesman

A ballot proposal that would have banned abortion in Colorado by offering constitutional rights to the unborn was deemed insufficient on Wednesday by the secretary of state’s office, thereby likely disqualifying the initiative for the November ballot.

Proponents of the so-called “personhood” initiative submitted 106,119 signatures on Aug. 6. But the secretary of state’s office found that the total valid signatures was only 82,246, falling short of the 86,105 valid signatures necessary to place the initiative on the ballot.

Former Sen. Shoemaker honored at memorial

Celebrated at the Platte for his life force and legacy
The Colorado Statesman

Former state Sen. William Joseph “Joe” Shoemaker — a fierce lawmaker known for both his fight and humor — was celebrated on Tuesday for his life force and legacy following his passing on Aug. 13.

Shoemaker, who died on his 88th birthday at home in the company of his loving wife and family, was remembered for many things, including his passion for crunching numbers; his accomplishments as a trumpet player; his ability to cross his Republican Party line to work with Democrats; and his storied legal career, to name just a few of Shoemaker’s impressive accomplishments.

Romney speech inspires Colorado delegates: 'We can do this'

The Colorado Statesman

TAMPA – After the candidates and their families had left the stage, but while red and blue balloons still bounced around the pulsing convention hall late on Thursday night, members of the Colorado delegation to the 2012 Republican National Convention pulled down the towering sign that marked the state’s position on the convention floor and gathered around to sign it for posterity.

“We can do this,” wrote delegation chairman Sean Conway, a Weld County commissioner, above his signature, and then broke into a broad grin.

Colorado delegates united around Ryan’s nomination as Veep

Day 3 of the RNC
The Colorado Statesman

TAMPA – Colorado delegates and guests effused over GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan when he accepted the nomination on Wednesday even as critics hammered the Wisconsin congressman’s speech for a litany of inaccuracies and misleading statements.

RNC gives Romney nod, but rules strife festers

The Colorado Statesman

TAMPA — On the same day Republicans formally nominated Mitt Romney for the presidency, a battle over proposed party rules changes roiled the GOP’s national convention on Tuesday and left some Colorado delegates vowing they won’t cast a vote for the former Massachusetts governor in the fall election.

Storms, disputes threaten to rain on RNC

The Colorado Statesman

CLEARWATER, FLA. – Even though the Republican National Convention missed a direct hit from one storm on Monday, controversy and bad weather still threaten to dampen the GOP’s chance to showcase its presidential ticket behind a unified party.

National DNC leader Wasserman Schultz campaigns for Obama in Denver

GOP State Chair calls it a ‘political distraction’
The Colorado Statesman

The head of the national Democratic Party and an icon of the women’s rights movement campaigned for President Barack Obama in the Denver area on Saturday, touting the administration’s economic policies and commitment to funding education and preserving Medicare, but state Republicans called on the Democrats to “abandon political distractions” and instead focus on what they termed “terrible economic news.”

Control of Legislature is at stake

August, 2012 Top 12 Races
The Colorado Statesman

Actual voters — not just Capitol insiders and political operatives — are about to start paying attention to legislative races, once the kids are back in school and the air turns crisp. After the national parties’ conventions conclude and Labor Day starts to recede into the rear view mirror, mailboxes should fill up and phones should ring off the hook as Republicans seek to keep control of the House and take over the Senate, while Democrats aim for the opposite outcome.

Republicans hold a one-seat majority in the House and Democrats count a five-vote margin in the Senate.

Algorithm developed to trace ballots

The Colorado Statesman

For nearly two years ballot secrecy advocates have been filing complaints with the secretary of state’s office and the offices of county clerks and recorders raising concerns about ballots being traced to individual voters. But their fears appeared to fall on deaf ears.