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Colorado State University celebrates 141 years with events at state Capitol

On Feb. 10 and 11, Colorado State University honored the creation of the institution, the values that have sustained it and its mission of service through teaching, research and engagement with Founders Day celebrations. Events included a celebration at the state Capitol.

‘As goes Jeffco, so goes Colorado in statewide elections’

The Colorado Statesman

Jefferson County Democrats picked party officers for the next two years in uncontested elections at the biennial reorganization the morning of Feb. 12 at Alameda High School in Lakewood. The mostly relaxed meeting was punctuated by impassioned pleas to fire up suburban Democrats for next year’s presidential election and stern reminders that, as a rule, as goes Jeffco, so goes Colorado in statewide elections.

Legislature faces latest brew battle

Efforts by convenience stores in Colorado to allow them the exclusive franchise to sell low-alcohol beer fell flat this week when the Senate Local Government and Energy Committee voted 4-1 to approve Senate Bill 60. Sponsored by Sens. Betty Boyd, D-Lakewood and Jean White, R-Hayden, the bill would allow restaurants, as well as all liquor-license holders, the ability to sell the low alcohol beer for consumption on their premises.

GOP chair candidate ranks could swell

The Colorado Statesman

The race for Colorado Republican Party chair was upended this week by two-term Chairman Dick Wadhams’ unexpected withdrawal but the dust might not have settled yet. Three prominent Republicans are considering getting into the race next week, The Colorado Statesman has learned, including a former statewide candidate and two local chairmen from key swing counties.

Wadhams quits bid for third term as GOP chairman

Party legal counsel Call announces he's running for top spot
The Colorado Statesman

Warning against the notion that “uniting conservatives” is all it takes for Republicans to win elections in Colorado, state GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams on Monday dropped his bid for a third term. A day later, the state party’s legal counsel — and a key Wadhams deputy — jumped into the race, which also features a conservative Douglas County lawmaker who has promised to do just what Wadhams said will lead Republicans to defeat.

County parties undergo biennial reorganization

New party leaders could affect state chair races in both parties
The Colorado Statesman

It’s February in an odd-numbered year, which means Republicans and Democrats are meeting county by county to pick officers, name bonus delegates and otherwise conduct off-year business in advance of state central committee meetings next month.

Tipton returns to the state Capitol as new Congressman

The Colorado Statesman

It was like old home week at the state Capitol this week when Congressman Scott Tipton, who defeated three-term Democratic incumbent John Salazar in November, visited his old stomping ground.

New guv talks about age-old subject of water

Hickenlooper: Water a top priority
The Colorado Statesman

Water is the most valuable of Colorado’s natural resources, but in the next 40 years the state faces a shortage that is every bit as significant at the $1.2 billion deficit the state faces for its 2011-12 budget.

Colorado Republicans praise latest Florida court ruling on health care reform

The Colorado Statesman

As expected by many legal experts and hoped for by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, a Florida judge on Monday ruled the federal health care law passed in 2009 is unconstitutional.

'Non-candidate' Mayor Vidal urged to run

The Colorado Statesman

With fourteen candidates (so far) in Denver’s burgeoning race for mayor, you’d think there were enough contenders to please (and appease) just about everyone in town.