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Control of Legislature is at stake

August, 2012 Top 12 Races
The Colorado Statesman

Actual voters — not just Capitol insiders and political operatives — are about to start paying attention to legislative races, once the kids are back in school and the air turns crisp. After the national parties’ conventions conclude and Labor Day starts to recede into the rear view mirror, mailboxes should fill up and phones should ring off the hook as Republicans seek to keep control of the House and take over the Senate, while Democrats aim for the opposite outcome.

Republicans hold a one-seat majority in the House and Democrats count a five-vote margin in the Senate.

Algorithm developed to trace ballots

The Colorado Statesman

For nearly two years ballot secrecy advocates have been filing complaints with the secretary of state’s office and the offices of county clerks and recorders raising concerns about ballots being traced to individual voters. But their fears appeared to fall on deaf ears.

Secretary of State under fire over ‘inactive’ voters

Rule allows clerks to skip mailing to ‘inactive’ voters
The Colorado Statesman Sports Department

Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler says he had a legal obligation to update state elections rules to clarify that county clerks do not have to mail ballots to so-called “inactive voters.”

The conservative stalwart faced a firestorm of criticism over the proposed rule, which he finalized on Aug. 15 as part of a sweeping package of amendments to state election rules. The rules cover everything from ballots to canvass board operations. But the rule concerning inactive voters has raised the most controversy since critics allege it could disenfranchise voters.

Is Jared Wright the right GOP candidate for HD 54?

Not everyone thinks so
The Colorado Statesman

GRAND JUNCTION — Embattled Republican State House District 54 candidate Jared Wright said on Wednesday that he is staying in the race, despite a call from those within his own party to drop out.

Wright has been plagued by controversy since easily winning his party’s nomination in March when he walked away with more than 80 percent of the delegates to run for the seat being vacated by Rep. Laura Bradford, R-Collbran.

Coors campaign releases optimistic internal poll

Perlmutter camp scoffs at results, methodology
The Colorado Statesman

Republican challenger Joe Coors is leading three-term Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter by a wide margin, according to a month-old internal poll released by the Coors campaign this week, though Democrats challenged the survey’s methodology and scoffed at the results.

Ryan pick elicits cheers and jeers

Republican vice presidential candidate ignites both sides
The Colorado Statesman

A few days after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan as his running mate, the race is on to define the Wisconsin con-gressman in front of Colorado voters.

Is he the bold visionary poised to reverse decades of Americans’ increasing dependence on the federal government? Or is he the dangerous extremist bent on eviscerating Medicare and leaving vulnerable Americans to fend for themselves?

Maybe he’s the boyish fitness buff who can boast of the 14ers he’s climbed and regularly visits the state to take his family camping?

Complaint filed against GOP State Chairman

Delegate: Call improperly elected to Credentials Committee
The Colorado Statesman

Last Friday, a Republican National Convention delegate from Denver filed a formal petition with the national GOP asking that State Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call be thrown off the convention’s Credentials Committee, charging that state party rules don’t allow the kind of election that put Call on the panel. The complaint stirs up simmering tension in Colorado’s delegation between backers of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and upstart supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who hasn’t conceded the nomination.

Libertarian candidate for Veep courts ‘cannabis vote’ in state

Gray hopes Libertarians can attain higher place in polls
The Colorado Statesman

Libertarian vice presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray stopped in Denver last Thursday to tour medical marijuana centers and facilities, highlighting the importance of the ‘cannabis vote’ as the party struggles to be included in the presidential debates.

Colorado’s GOP delegates look forward to Tampa

The Colorado Statesman

Colorado’s 36 delegates and 33 alternates to the upcoming Republican National Convention — and their guests — luxuriated for a couple hours last Saturday afternoon at a stately and magnificent Tuscan-style villa in the heart of Republican-laden Greenwood Village. Sipping wine and enjoying a lovely array of fancy hors d’oeuvres passed by several servers, they gazed out on the expansive manicured landscape with its inviting pool and fountain.

Obama encircled by Romney campaign in Springs

Obama derides GOP economic proposals as ‘this trickle-down tax cut fairy dust’
The Colorado Statesman

The Democratic president of the United States and the Republican governor of Louisiana spent a good part of the day last Thursday laying out sharply different prescriptions for the nation’s economy in appearances in Colorado Springs.

President Barack Obama capped a two-day, four-city campaign swing through Colorado with an outdoor rally at Colorado College, where a sun-drenched crowd estimated at 4,200 filled the liberal arts school’s Cutler Quad to hear him rip apart Republican proposals while making a case that he’s put the country on the right track.