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Another budget cut looms for higher ed

By Marianne Goodland

Just when the cutting appeared to be resolved, at least for now, the Joint Budget Committee this week raised the possibility that the state’s public colleges and universities might be in for another hit to their general fund support, possibly as much as $150 million.

GOP focuses on illegal immigration

By Marianne Goodland

Members of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, an ad-hoc group of statehouse conservatives, are looking at the alleged costs of illegal immigration as a way of balancing Colorado’s budget.

Flash! Hick will find out that it’s in the cards

Learn all about the legislators

By Dennis J. Gallagher

When I was first elected to the Legislature many years ago, state Representative Jerry Kopel, D-Denver, gave me and others in my newly elected class some excellent advice. Older members of our caucus gave Jerry the accolade as sort of the uncontested “Dean” of our delegation. “Kopel knows the rules,” Dominic Coloroso, D-Denver, whispered to me as he gave me his worn book of rules.

PERA chief wooed for top spot in Texas system

By Marianne Goodland

Meredith Williams, executive director of the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association since 2000, has been named a finalist for a similar position with the Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Transition meetings yield suggestions for new guv

By Ernest Luning

Colorado’s incoming administration got an earful from residents across the state over the last two weeks at a series of regional transition meetings called to brainstorm ways to solve problems and create opportunities.

Independence Institute Founders’ Night Dinner rife with conservative philosophy, good-natured ribbing

By Ernest Luning

Even though a handful of newly elected officials sat in front of him, Independence Institute President Jon Caldara kicked off his organization’s gala fundraiser with a toast instead to their counterparts, a cohort of prominent politicians, each with household names, who have gone down to defeat at the polls.

Court: Homeowners group exempt from disclosure

By Jimy Valenti

A federal appellate court ruling brings more questions than answers after the court ruled that a small group of Douglas County homeowners who fought annexation in 2006 did not need to disclose their finances.

Ethics Watch releases report highlighting misbehaviors and misdeeds

Loopholes and lack of enforcement also cited

Ethics Watch this week released Ethics Roundup 2010: Colorado’s Ethics Agenda, the organization’s third annual report highlighting misbehaviors and misdeeds affecting the state of ethics in Colorado government, and, new this year, the loopholes or lack of enforcement that enable these violations of the public trust.

Former VA Secretary Nicholson honored with official portrait

Jim Nicholson, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs was honored at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. earlier this month to unveil his official portrait.

Andrew Romanoff’s Ethiopian Journal

Dear Colorado,

I arrived in Addis Ababa on Saturday night, 23 hours after leaving Denver. The Frankfurt airport now seems as distant as its charm.??