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The Ethics Commission: What a joke!

The Colorado Statesman

Until Ronald Reagan defeated him in the 1970 Governor’s race, Jesse Unruh was the long serving, all-powerful, iron fisted Speaker of the California State Assembly.

Giron also staring down barrel of recall election because of gun stance

The Colorado Statesman

A second state lawmaker is staring down the barrel of a recall election after proponents turned in about 2,300 more signatures than needed to oust Democratic Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo over her support for gun control.

Puff, the Magic Dragon, arriving soon to nest in Colorado

The Colorado Statesman

Ten years ago I left Paris on the Friday before Halloween riding the high-speed, Belgian THALYS train headed for Amsterdam. Although most Europeans call it All Souls Day, their holiday is similar to ours, and my coach was packed with college students, many in costume and most of them drinking heavily. They were bound for Amsterdam and the Netherlands’ recently opened coffee houses — then, they would be on to the city’s synth-beat dance halls. Marijuana was the draw, trance dancing, the high and communal hotel rooms the payoff.

Morse sticking to his guns; won’t resign SD 11 seat

Recall proponents submit twice number of signatures needed
The Colorado Statesman

Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, says “at this minute” he’s in it to win it, refusing to step down after recall proponents turned in more than double the number of signatures needed to force an election to oust the gun control supporter.

El Paso Freedom Defense Committee, an issue committee established to recall Morse from office, announced Monday that it submitted 16,046 signatures to the secretary of state’s office. The group only needs 7,178 valid signatures, or 25 percent of the 2010 vote in the district, in order to certify an election.

Gun proponents aim for showdown at polls in 2014

The Colorado Statesman

If gun rights supporters have their way, only Colorado voters would be able to place limitations on purchasing and possessing ammunition storage and feeding devices of any capacity.

A proposed 2014 ballot initiative, which is currently being reviewed by the Colorado Supreme Court, would amend the state constitution to establish a right to purchase and possess high-capacity ammunition magazines.

GOP candidates already trading barbs in SD 22

The Colorado Statesman

The 2014 election for Senate District 22 is already heating up with two Republicans trading barbs in what is shaping up to be a contentious primary for the relatively new seat.

Republican attorney Mario Nicolais flew to the defensive on Monday when Littleton businessman Tony Sanchez announced his candidacy. Nicolais questioned Sanchez’s loyalty to the district, pointing out that Sanchez only moved to Colorado from San Francisco two years ago. He said professional political operatives “specializing in divisive primary campaigns” recruited Sanchez, but would not elaborate.

Civic Center EATS — good food, gorgeous views, great cause

The eighth-annual Civic Center EATS Outdoor Café has returned on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 4 through September 26, 2013 (excluding July 4, August 29 and September 3).

Pat Bowlen is honored with the 2013 Community Enrichment Award from the Mizel Institute

The Colorado Statesman

Football, politics — they’re both contact sports, right? So it was fitting that the May 22 dinner honoring Denver Broncos Coach Pat Bowlen with the Mizel Institute’s 2013 Community Enrichment Award combined them both.

We’ll start with the politics, since we are essentially a political newspaper.

A right to health care in Colorado?

Ballot drive would establish constitutional right in Colorado
The Colorado Statesman

Proponents of a universal health care system in Colorado are expected to kick off a ballot drive Saturday that would establish a state constitutional right to health care.

The question would appear on the 2014 ballot, asking Colorado voters to approve, “As a matter of human right and public good for all residing in Colorado, access to an appropriate single standard of high quality health care without financial barrier.”

Likely GOP primary for AG in 2014

Democratic candidate off to Quick start
The Colorado Statesman

Colorado Republicans’ best shot at statewide public office in the 2014 elections is likely the attorney general’s seat — which the party currently holds — and already some formidable candidates are lining up for a potential primary battle when incumbent John Suthers leaves after next year due to term limits.

Because campaign laws are very prescriptive, the candidates have been hesitant to formally announce. But at least two Republicans are very seriously exploring the possibility of running.