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Denver Republicans hear the spirit of (the) West at Lincoln Day Dinner

Tancredo urges GOP to consider putting West on ticket
The Colorado Statesman

Denver Republicans will play a crucial role in the presidential election, party leaders told several hundred donors at the county’s Lincoln Day fundraising dinner on Monday night. While Denver Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly three-to-one, there’s still such a large pool of votes in the county that boosting GOP turnout by even a few percentage points can make the difference which party carries the state, considered a linchpin for both major party candidates this fall.

Republican Presidential candidate Romney rings campaign to Colorado coal country

The Colorado Statesman

CRAIG — The Museum of Northwest Colorado, established in 1964 to house artifacts and preserve legends of the Old West, is located in the small town of Craig and currently features an exhibit of Norman Rockwell, the famed American painter and illustrator known for his scenes of everyday life and Americana. When Republican candidate Mitt Romney traveled there earlier in the week to campaign for the presidency, he could have been starring in a leading role in a true life scene straight from a Norman Rockwell drawing board.

Proposed ballot initiatives on water rights are swirling in controversy

The Colorado Statesman

Advocates for water belonging to the people of Colorado believe there is a rapidly growing problem in the state flowing from local and state government’s abuse of public waterways in a manner that destroys the environmental and aesthetic values of the state’s lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

Proponents of legal pot seek voter approval

But ‘Smart Colorado’ campaign says the initiatives are dopey
The Colorado Statesman

Cannabis advocates say it is high time for recreational marijuana to be legalized in Colorado, and so they are out in full force seeking support for a ballot question that has already been certified for the November election, and collecting signatures for another two ballot proposals, all of which aim to end prohibition in the state, and perhaps begin to topple the dominoes towards federal decriminalization.

Independent 3rd CD candidate Casida could be a thorn in Rep. Tipton’s side

The Colorado Statesman

Scott Tipton rode into Congress on a wave of Republican enthusiasm that characterized elections across the country in 2010. Just two years later, that same small-government fervor may come back to bite the incumbent.

Potentially outflanking Tipton from his right, Pueblo County native and entrepreneur Tisha Casida is seeking the 3rd District seat as an independent. She was inspired to run by presidential candidate and Tea Party favorite U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican.

Udall, Senate intelligence panel take hands-off approach toward Egyptian “lynchpin”

Senator says it’s a ‘critical time in post-Mubarak Egypt’
The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall isn’t downplaying the impact that the upcoming Egyptian presidential election will have on the future of the region, but there isn’t much room for American involvement as the country works itself through the aftermath of a massive political uprising.

CACI endorses pro-business legislative incumbents

The board of the Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry approved a slate of 26 incumbent legislators who are seeking re-election or, in the case of two representatives, election to the Senate, for an endorsement by CACI and, in most cases, a contribution of $400, the maximum contribution that a political committee — in this case, CACI’s Colorado Business Political Action Committee — can give to a legislative candidate over the 2011-2012 election cycle.

Obama tells Coloradans: ‘We’re not going back, we’re moving forward’

President fires up the troops in Colorado visits
The Colorado Statesman

President Barack Obama encouraged graduating cadets to help build another “great American Century” and fired up supporters at a high-dollar campaign event as Air Force One touched down twice on Wednesday in this crucial swing state.

Obama delivered the commencement address at the Air Force Academy at Falcon Stadium north of Colorado Springs and then attended a sold-out fundraiser at the downtown Hyatt Regency Denver before winging off to the Bay Area to raise more campaign cash.

Legislative races come into focus this month

May edition of Colorado’s Top 12 races
The Colorado Statesman

With just two weeks before ballots go into the mail for the June primary election, the state’s top primary races and the battle for control of the General Assembly is coming into sharp focus.

On the heels of a special session marked by partisan bickering — heralded by the demise of a divisive civil unions bill — that could cast a shadow over an otherwise remarkably cooperative legislative session, Democrats and Republicans alike can make a concrete case to voters that control of the legislative chambers makes a big difference.

Mystery trucker Murphy rolls in to CD 1 race

GOP primary features Richard Murphy and Danny Stroud
The Colorado Statesman

Former Denver Republican Party Chairman Danny Stroud is a well-known personality in the 1st Congressional District who is clamoring for a chance to take on incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, but a truck driving political neophyte may deny him the opportunity.

Stroud’s primary opponent, 61 year-old Denver resident Richard Murphy, is virtually unknown in Colorado politics, so much so that Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call had to call Stroud looking for the trucker’s phone number.