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Former legislator Paul Sandoval memorialized at state Legislature

The Colorado Statesman

The Senate on Tuesday remembered the late former Sen. Paul Sandoval for being a hustler considered the “Godfather” of Colorado political circles. Sandoval died on April 24, 2012 at the age of 67 after the hardest campaign of his life, a painful battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was memorialized as a wheeler and dealer who did not rest solely on Democratic races, though he was a Democrat through and through. When Republicans he admired came to him for his blessing, Sandoval was willing to break partisan divides.

Legislators show school pride on College Friday

College In Colorado celebrates a statewide day of college pride

Proud alumni and students from colleges and universities near and far had an opportunity to celebrate higher education and show their pride by wearing the gear of their favorite college or university on April 12, College Friday.

At the state Capitol, legislators and other politicos wore their favorite college shirts, hats, jackets and other assundy college items.

Governors host opening day reception and make pitch for Executive Residence

The Colorado Statesman

It was a week before the Colorado Rockies’ 2013 home opener at Coors field and baseball fever was in full swing, but at the venerable Brown Palace Club a few blocks away in downtown Denver, a well-heeled fan base of civic citizens was hearing somewhat solemn news about the historic Governor’s Mansion from DaVita Healthcare Partners. Inc. president Kent Thiry.

“We have a problem, that’s why we’re here,” began the youthful CEO of Colorado’s $12.5 billion company at a fundraiser for the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund on March 29.

The Legislature should respect voters’ will on Amendment 64 and NOT re-enact failed regulation

By Robert J. Corry Jr.

Editor’s Note: The following message to members of the General Assembly appeared in an ad in the April 5 issue.

“Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. — Albert Einstein

Congress urged to follow Colorado

The Colorado Statesman

President Barack Obama urged Congress to follow Colorado’s lead by enacting “common sense” proposals to reduce gun violence, including expanding background checks for all firearms sales, in a speech on Wednesday at the Denver Police Academy.

“If we’re really going to tackle this problem seriously, then we’ve got to get Congress to take the next step,” Obama said. “As soon as next week, they will be voting. As soon as next week, every senator will get to vote on whether or not we should require background checks for anyone who wants to purchase a gun.”

SoS Gessler sues to overturn ethics plank

Amendment 41 authors cry foul
The Colorado Statesman

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler is asking a court to overturn a voter-approved amendment to the state constitution because, he charges in court filings, its wording is “unconstitutionally vague” and denies due process rights to those targeted by a state ethics panel, including Gessler himself.

State GOP Chair Call views Sen. Udall’s hefty fundraising as a sign of weakness

The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall raised upwards of $1.5 million for his reelection bid in the first quarter of 2013, his campaign announced on Monday. The Eldorado Springs Democrat — who has yet to draw a Republican opponent for next year’s election — will report “over $2.5 million” cash on hand, a Udall spokesman said, adding that checks were still arriving in the mail on the day after the fundraising period had closed.

Farber quits Coffman, now supports Romanoff for CD 6

The Colorado Statesman

This story has been updated to reflect Andrew Romanoff's first quarter fundraising figures.

Attorney and Democratic Party power broker Steve Farber, who about this time last year caused a flurry in Colorado political circles by hosting a fundraiser for Republican Congressman Mike Coffman’s reelection in CD 6, has jilted the incumbent and on April 4, co-chaired a big name $1,000 to $5,200 a-person fundraiser for Andrew Romanoff, Coffman’s likely Democratic challenger in 2014.

Responsibly Implementing Amendment 64

Executive Director Medical Marijuana Industry Group

Editor’s Note: The following message to members of the General Assembly appeared in an ad in the March 29 issue.

A year ago, the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) announced that without additional funding it would be forced to lay off most of its staff. In response, my organization, the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, led the effort to pass an emergency funding bill, HB 1358, that passed the House but died in the Senate. The recently published MMED audit is the direct result of this inaction.

Civil unions legislation signed into law; third time is a charm

The Colorado Statesman

For Denver couple Fran and Anna Simon, it was the end of one particular journey that began on Valentine’s Day two years ago, when the Colorado Civil Union Act was first introduced in the legislature. The couple appeared at rally after rally, committee hearing after com-mittee hearing, each time bearing a tall stack of documents they said had taken hundreds of hours and cost thousands of dollars in order to put into place some of the rights enjoyed by married couples in Colorado.