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Compromise reached on reapportionment

Now Colorado Supreme Court must review the maps
The Colorado Statesman

“Super Mario” Carrera, the unaffiliated chairman of the state commission charged with redrawing legislative boundaries, came close to a unanimous vote for his so-called “compromise” maps for both the House and Senate, pushing the proposals through the Reapportionment Commission on Monday, the last day it was scheduled to meet.

Economic forecasts not pretty

The Colorado Statesman

Lawmakers will need to cut between $400-500 million in the 2012-13 budget in order to close yet another budget shortfall, according to economic forecasts presented to the Joint Budget Committee on Tuesday by Legislative Council and the governor’s budget office.


Cherry Creek Republican Women were in for a treat on Sept. 17 when Bo Cottrell, the former chairman of the Arapahoe County GOP, strutted down the runway of their fashion show almost baring it all. “If they wanted me to behave they shouldn’t have put me in a bathrobe,” commented the unbashful entertainer.

Prop 103 foes roll out campaign

Tax hike to fund schools at issue
The Colorado Statesman

Opponents of a statewide ballot measure that would raise an estimated $3 billion in new taxes to fund education launched an attack against the proposal this week, claiming it will cost Colorado 119,000 jobs after five years and deal a “crushing blow” to the state’s struggling economy.

But backers of Proposition 103 charged that opponents don’t understand how to interpret their own data and countered that it’s cutbacks to school funding, not higher taxes, that will harm the state’s economy.

SoS Gessler sticks to his guns

Secretary of State Scott Gessler insists there's no conflict of interest in appearing at the Larimer County Republican fundraiser to help reduce the fine his office levied.
The Colorado Statesman

Embattled Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who has come under recent fire by Democrats and public watchdog groups for agreeing to participate in a Sept. 22 fundraiser to help the Larimer County Republican Party pay a $15,700 fine which his own office has levied, isn’t backing down.

In fact, Gessler reaffirmed his stance Friday in an interview with The Colorado Statesman shortly after he addressed a Republican business group on “all the great things that have happened since you’ve elected a conservative to the Secretary of State’s office.”

Alternative redistricting proposal causes rift among Hispanics

The Colorado Statesman

A redistricting proposal introduced by Latino interest groups on Sept. 2 that proposes moving Pueblo and the San Luis Valley into the Republican-leaning 4th Congressional District is causing a potential rift between Hispanic voters.

Head of reapportionment commission angling for unanimous compromise proposal

The Colorado Statesman

The unaffiliated chairman of the state commission charged with redrawing Colorado’s legislative boundaries has introduced maps of his own that he hopes will foster a compromise between Republicans and Democrats on the reapportionment commission.

But fellow commissioners wonder if Chairman Mario Carrera will be able to break through gridlock with only one scheduled meeting remaining, noting that controversial proposals over competitive districts are still to be aired for the very first time on Sept. 19, their last scheduled get-together.

Colorado Remembers 9-11

The Colorado Statesman

They brought flags, picnic lunches and deeply seared memories to a downtown park on the afternoon of Sept. 11 to commemorate the same day 10 years ago when everything changed.

By turns mournful and festive, the ‘Colorado Remembers 9/11’ event included patriotic speeches delivered by the state’s most prominent elected officials, mighty Air Force jets flying overhead, and a rousing concert by the Beach Boys, but the stars of the occasion were the roughly 500 military, police, firefighters and other emergency responders honored for their courage and standing for their fallen brethren.

Club 20’s Annual Autumn Steak Fry

Political fare also on menu
Western Slope Correspondent

Legislators — current, former and probably future — as well as state and local officials, lobbyists and business people visited during the cocktail hour at the Club 20 annual steak fry at Cross Orchards, an historic working farm owned by the Museum of the West in Grand Junction.

Long favored by Club 20 and numerous other organizations to stage events, Cross Orchards was the site for a campaign speech in 2008 by Barack Obama on his way to the White House.

Hickenlooper blasts Denver's initiative calling for paid sick leave

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper forcefully spoke out against a Denver ballot initiative that would require employers to provide paid sick leave on Thursday. He railed against the proposal on November’s ballot during remarks about Colorado’s economic future in an address to the Economic Club of Colorado on Sept. 8.

The governor also advocated for investments in education as a means to stabilize the state’s economic outlook. Hickenlooper stopped short of offering support for a tax increase that would fund education in Colorado.