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Democratic challenger forges ahead in HD 59 race

Swonger to petition on to ballot despite state party roadblock
The Colorado Statesman

Just ten days after Democratic hopeful Patrick Swonger announced his run for the House District 59 seat, the Colorado Democratic Party derailed his candidacy; but the Silverton resident plans to petition his way onto the ballot.

Swonger was disqualified after a committee appointed by Colorado Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio determined that he had failed to register as a Democrat before the party’s eligibility deadline.

Share In The Care

If you look at the state Capitol, you’ll notice four massive banners placed against a protective, weather-proof wrap — or “scrim” — around the state’s Capitol dome. It’s part of the effort to promote the Share in the Care campaign that is raising funds for the restoration effort. The new wrap and banners, which create a white covering around the dome and scaffolding, will remain until restoration is completed in the summer of 2014.

Volunteer lobbyists for AARP at the state Capitol

American Association of Retired Persons Colorado advocacy volunteers made their way to the Capitol in January to register as volunteer lobbyists for another session of the Colorado Legislature. AARP Colorado volunteers monitor and study proposed legislation that impacts older Coloradans. They testify before lawmakers, and lobby members of the Colorado House and Senate on behalf of AARP Colorado’s 650,000 members, as well as all older Coloradans. This year, AARP has 20 volunteer advocates — the most in Colorado history. Fifteen of the 20 have signed up to volunteer as lobbyists.

Blaha challenges incumbent Lamborn in CD 5 GOP primary

The Colorado Statesman

In an election year already crowded with primaries, the Colorado Springs Republican repeatedly ranked as the most conservative member of Congress is facing a challenge from a conservative businessman who says the constituents in the safely Republican 5th Congressional District deserve an “articulate champion” for their values.

Tuition equality bill ok’d by committee

Whether it’s a real ASSET remains to be seen
The Colorado Statesman

The Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) bill, the centerpiece of immigration reform facing the legislature this year, passed out of the Democratic-leaning Senate Education Committee 4-3 on a party-line vote Thursday, but the fate of the controversial legislation providing tuition equity for undocumented students remains unclear.

President Obama energizes Colorado crowd with remarks about country’s energy policies

“An all-out, all-of-the-above strategy [to] develop every available source of America’s energy.”
The Colorado Statesman

During a brief stop-over at Buckley Air Force base in Aurora on Thursday, President Barack Obama said that after hearing talk about reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil his entire life, his administration is finally doing something about it. Pointing to initiatives under way at Buckley, Obama said he plans to harness the vast purchasing power of the military to invigorate markets for clean energy, a move he predicted would save taxpayers money while strengthening national security.

Early GOP caucuses could alter national political landscape

The Colorado Statesman

Just a couple weeks ago, it looked like the Colorado Republican Party’s decision to move its precinct caucuses up to the first week in February wouldn’t matter much. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, by all appearances, was prepared to bag the first three presidential nominating contests — in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — leaving it to subsequent states merely to nod their approval and endorse the presumptive nominee.

Tried and true tips on how to navigate the caucus process

The Colorado Statesman

Douglas County Republican Crista Huff isn’t the only one teaching voters how to navigate the caucus process — Republican presidential campaigns are training supporters in hopes of netting delegates via subsequent assemblies, and some of Huff’s past pupils are organizing classes of their own this year — but she’s been running classes for more than two years and sounds like she has the art down to a science.

Sen. Udall strives for civility during State of the Union

CD 5 Rep. Doug Lamborn doesn’t attend, but the Republican still has a lot to say
The Colorado Statesman

Despite one Colorado representative’s very public decision to not attend the State of the Union address earlier in the week, the remainder of the state’s delegation sat together on the House floor in a display of unity.

InnerView with Bill Cadman

The Colorado Statesman

Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman says the value of relationships among lawmakers can’t be overstated and predicted that this year’s session will produce results because of strong relationships across the aisle and between the chambers. Jobs and the economy are the key subjects this year, and Cadman says he’s confident both Democrats and Republicans will come together to ease regulatory burdens hampering job creation in the state.