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Candidates for Denver mayor get down to business

The Colorado Statesman

If you ask Denver mayoral candidate Jeff Peckman how to fix what ails the city, he’ll tell you: All you need is love. The other candidates at a downtown forum on Wednesday afternoon — while not expressly rejecting love — had some different ideas.

GOP Chair candidates differ on particulars

...Such as what to do with a ‘RINO’
The Colorado Statesman

The four candidates for Colorado Republican Party chairman agreed that if a GOP candidate needs a lecture, it ought to be done out of public view — but that’s about the only topic that found all of them taking the same position at a forum on Feb. 24 at the Bemis Public Library in Littleton.

Suzanne Williams: A woman who stepped forward

The Colorado Statesman

Editorial note: March is Women’s History Month. The Colorado Statesman this month will profile four lawmakers who are leaving their marks. This week: Sen. Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora; next week, House Majority Leader Amy Stephens, R-Monument.

Politicking and meatballs in Denver’s House District 4

House District 4 Democrats got together for some good, old-fashioned politicking and meatballs on Feb. 26 at North High School in Denver.

Redistricting committee gets first public comments

The Colorado Statesman

LOVELAND — The Joint Select Committee on Redistricting hit the road Saturday for its first two public meetings on how it should draw the maps that will set new boundaries for the state’s congressional districts.

And it became apparent quickly that the battle lines in the 4th Congressional District might come down to how the committee deals with Longmont, or whether it decides to move three communities in the Northeastern part of the 2nd Congressional District into the 4th.

Capitol rally draws union supporters, opponents

Wisconsin public workers at center of controversy
The Colorado Statesman

A noisy noon gathering at the state Capitol Tuesday drew around 1,000 union supporters, who rallied in solidarity with Wisconsin public workers who are protesting at their state Capitol to keep collective bargaining rights.

Race for GOP chair in full gear

The Colorado Statesman

Two of the four men bidding to be the Colorado Republican Party’s next chairman pitched their candidacies Monday night in Northglenn.

Ryan Call and Leondray Gholston told a crowd of nearly 100 grassroots conservatives and elected officials they each have what it takes to run the party and build the coalitions necessary to move Colorado back into the Republican column in next year’s presidential election.

Candidates for Democratic state chair voice solidarity with protesters in Wisconsin

The Colorado Statesman

Colorado Democrats can expect a state party chair determined to tell the Democratic National Committee a thing or two, the three candidates vying for the top spot said at a forum Feb. 20 in Greenwood Village. Polly Baca, Adam Bowen and Rick Palacio agreed that local Democrats need to stand up to the national party when Washington bigwigs try to tell the grassroots how things ought to happen.

Party-line votes keep instate tuition bill alive

The Colorado Statesman

Democrats’ latest effort to pass a bill granting instate tuition to undocumented students moved through two committees in the past week and was approved along party-lines both times.

New U.S. Census data means Colorado’s congressional districts will change

The Colorado Statesman

The U.S. Census Bureau Wednesday released more detailed data on the changes in Colorado’s population, revealing that the number of people in El Paso County has surged past those in Denver in the past decade.

According to the report, which is based on the 2010 census, El Paso County is now at 622,263, a 20 percent spike in the last decade. Denver County is at 600,158, up by 8.2 percent since 2000. Adams and Arapahoe counties also saw double-digit increases in their population, by 21.4 percent and 17.2 percent, respectively.