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State budget by JBC hinges on action in DC

Hickenlooper addresses concerns about ‘fiscal cliff’
The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper was blunt in addressing the Joint Budget Committee on Wednesday during a presentation of his budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year, telling state lawmakers that if Congress does not act on the looming so-called “fiscal cliff,” the result would be unpleasant for Colorado.

“Let’s hope we don’t get there, but certainly… when you look at sequestration, the choices that will be before you are not pleasant, and dwarf the kinds of decisions we’ve had to make in the last two years,” the governor, a Democrat, responded to a question by JBC member Rep. Cheri Gerou, R-Evergreen.

Ludwig defeats Davidson for Regent at large — again

Davidson acknowledges Dems did better with GOTV
The Colorado Statesman

Republican Brian Davidson, who recently lost his challenge to Democrat Stephen Ludwig for University of Colorado at large regent, agrees with his former opponent on at least one point: Democrats did a better job getting out the vote. And he believes that in the down ballot contest, motivating voters to the polls is the most important factor, which cost him the election.

Changing of the guard — House Republicans now the minority party at state legislature

The Colorado Statesman

Results of the 2012 elections were barely two days old, but at Colorado’s Statehouse their effects were almost immediate. House Democrats, with a noticeable bounce in their step as they paraded into the Capitol on Nov. 8, were gleefully celebrating their new elevation as the party in control after their ranks increased to 37 out of 65. House Republicans, who had ruled the roost for the last two years, were considerably less elated with their bump down the leadership ladder. Their counternances were more reserved as they began to digest their new role as the minority party.

Ferrandino soon to be known as “Mr. Speaker”

The Colorado Statesman

Six months to the day after House Republican leaders killed a bill to establish same-sex civil unions in a bitter procedural standoff, a newly elected, triumphant Democratic majority on Thursday nominated Mark Ferrandino as speaker of the House, marking the first time an openly gay legislator will preside over the chamber.

The Denver Democrat fought to hold back tears as he told a packed committee room at the Capitol that he was humbled by the honor and considered it a win for kids who’ve been bullied or who grew up feeling like they didn’t fit in.

Morse elevated to Senate president; Carroll tapped as majority leader for Dems

The Colorado Statesman

Senate Democrats on Thursday shuffled the deck of its leadership following the Tuesday elections, choosing Majority Leader John Morse of Colorado Springs to lead them as Senate president in the upcoming session that begins Jan. 9. The nomination bucked speculation that Sen. Pat Steadman of Denver was the favored choice.

Morse, who was nominated by Caucus Chair Morgan Carroll of Aurora, will replace outgoing Senate President Brandon Shaffer of Longmont. Shaffer on Tuesday lost a challenge to U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, in the 4th Congressional District. His political career ostensibly came to an end, at least for now.

Colorado Democrats giddy over Obama, Statehouse wins

The Colorado Statesman

When the Associated Press called Colorado’s nine electoral votes for President Barack Obama on Tuesday night — swinging the election to the Democrat and cementing the state’s decisive role in national politics — an already ecstatic crowd in downtown Denver erupted in even more deafening cheers.

Riding a wave of strong support from the state’s Latinos, women and younger voters, Obama won Colorado with 1,252,679 votes, or 51.23 percent, over Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s 1,135,403 votes, or 46.44 percent. In 2008 Obama carried the state by a wider margin, roughly 9 points, only the second time in the last four decades that a Democrat has won the state.

Congressional incumbents easily win reelection

The Colorado Statesman

On a night when all eyes were on toss-up races across the state and nation, five of Colorado’s incumbent U.S. representatives quietly won reelection on Tuesday with decisive victories.

U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette, D-Denver, Jared Polis, D-Boulder, Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, and Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, all claimed victory with little drama.

Coffman survives onslaught from Dems in CD 6

The Colorado Statesman

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, a well known Aurora Republican whose previous elections have mostly been without much uncertainty, claimed victory late Tuesday night over Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi, a state representative from Denver in a contest that lived up to its billing as the closest congressional race in the state.

Perlmutter head over heels after election victory

Republican Coors left in dregs after fizzling campaign
The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter was turning cartwheels after roundly defeating Republican challenger Joe Coors to win a fourth term representing Colorado’s 7th Congressional District on Tuesday.

Performing what has become a Perlmutter trademark — he embraced the move during his last campaign after an attack ad accused him of cartwheeling around Washington, D.C. — the Democrat went head over heels on election night in front of a room full of supporters at the Lakewood Sheraton and then again two days later at the State Capitol at Democratic caucus meetings.

Dems increase ranks, take control at State House

The Colorado Statesman

Democrats retook control of the Colorado House by a wide margin and kept their majority in the Senate on Tuesday, smoothing the path for legislation stalled by Republicans in the last session when the GOP ruled the House by one seat.

Democrats increased their share of House seats from 32 to 37 seats, leaving Republicans with 28. In the Senate, Democrats will continue to hold a 20-15 edge. On their way to majorities in both chambers, Democrats evicted four House Republicans: Reps. Cindy Acree, R-Aurora; Mark Barker, R-Colorado Springs; J. Paul Brown, R-Ignacio; and Robert Ramirez, R-Arvada.