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Journey takes Coloradan Diggs Brown to Kenya’s 'most trustworthy' people

By Diggs Brown

Dear Friends and Family,

I have just returned from Africa and wish to share a special experience with you that I found truly fascinating.

Napolitano screens anti-terror video

By Jason Kosena

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano joined Gov. Bill Ritter on Monday afternoon for the release of a new video designed to help Coloradans identify terrorist activities.


Political gossip and notes from The Colorado Statesman.

On The Range of Piñon Canyon

Property rights or jobs?

By Jason Kosena

PIÑON CANYON — Their land is more than property for cattle ranchers in southern Colorado. It’s their way of life.

These modern-day cowboys work land passed from one generation to the next with the hope that the weather will hold, that strong grass will grow and that their cattle will make it to market.

It’s not an easy life.

Local liberals score with '50 Ways to Help Obama'

By Janet Simons

A hometown atmosphere permeated the mini auditorium at the LoDo Tattered Cover on Thursday, Sept. 17, as local boys Michael Huttner and Jason Salzman kept an eye on their children while greeting and schmoozing with some 250 high school chums, media pals, family members, fans, neighbors and allies in their struggle to move Denver — and the rest of the nation — just a few more notches to the left.

Environmentalists seize moment for wilderness

By Jason Kosena

A small group of Colorado environmentalists — including mountaineer Aron Ralston, who became famous in 2003 for freeing himself by using a dull pocketknife to sever his arm after it became trapped under a fallen boulder during a backcountry hike — called for more protection of Colorado land during an event in Denver Tuesday morning.

Chronic disease patients get sympathy, little else

By Richard Haugh

Health care reform was on the minds of patient advocates for several chronic health conditions at a southeast Denver forum on Tuesday night. But it was paying for that reform that occupied the minds of the two legislators who listened to their concerns.

Ritter trapped in rerun of state budget horror show

By Jason Kosena

The new numbers are in, and they aren’t good.

One month after he searched the budget in a quest to cut an additional $320 million to balance Colorado’s 2009-’10 budget, Gov. Bill Ritter is being forced to pick up the axe again. On Monday, Legislative Council released the September budget estimate, indicating the state will fall another $240 million short in the current budget year, which began on July 1.

McGovern offers suggestions for Obama

By Jason Kosena

FORT COLLINS — If it were up to George McGovern, the nation’s health care crisis would be solved with a one-sentence mandate: Medicare for every American.

NAIRA event features former AG John Ashcroft

The National Asian Indian Republican Association — NAIRA — held its 9th annual event in Colorado recently, highlighted by a speech by former Attorney General John Ashcroft.