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Legislative Briefs: 3.16.12


The House Economic and Business Development Committee killed a bill on Tuesday on a Republican party-line vote that aimed to examine venture capital in Colorado.

Senate Bill 58, sponsored in the House by Rep. Su Ryden, D-Aurora, and in the Senate by Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, would have created a nine-member board to evaluate other states that are improving access to venture capital for companies and it would have looked at whether any of these models are creating successes and jobs.

Ted Strickland was tough on governmental policy, but gentle in his caring for all members


Senator Ted Strickland was one of the few (mercifully) guys in the Senate who called me “Hughie.” (Others: Plock, Williams, Schieffelin, Garnsey, Kinney.) Ted and I were elected on the same day in1968 along with three others: Les Fowler, Don McManus and Carl Williams. Carl and I survive at this moment.

Caucus-lite for Dems on Super Tuesday

The Colorado Statesman

What a difference an incumbent president makes.

Just four years ago, there wasn’t a parking place to be found at Overland High School in Aurora, where Democrats from some 40 surrounding precincts gathered for caucuses.

Leadership trades charges of political gamesmanship

Deteriorating relationships could hamper negotiations
The Colorado Statesman

As the Legislature nears its mid-session on Saturday, a fiery House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, has raised concerns over “political gamesmanship” by House Republican leadership that he fears will lead to a deterioration of relationships that could make budget and other negotiations increasingly more difficult.
House Democrats allege that Republicans are killing bills because of their Democratic sponsors, or delaying popular legislation for the same reason.

Broomfield GOP assembly is site of political action

The Colorado Statesman

The two main Republican candidates hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Jared Polis delivered the same message at Monday’s Broomfield County Assembly: This year, they said, they can win.

Political odd fellows score major legal win

Hackstaff, Grueskin attorneys on same side
The Colorado Statesman

This story has been updated. Please see clarification at end of story.

So-called “527 political organizations” in Colorado scored a major victory on Feb. 21 when the Colorado Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the organizations can spend unlimited money in support of state candidates and operate free of some state campaign governance laws so long as the organizations steer clear of “magic [electioneering] words” that would trigger those laws.

Scalia urges audience not to reject possibility of miracles

Supreme Court Justice is mostly mum on political issues
The Colorado Statesman

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia urged Catholics to have “the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world” during a keynote address at a religious conference on Saturday at the Colorado Convention Center.

Jefferson County Republicans prep for Election Year victories

The Colorado Statesman

Jefferson County Republicans filled the Lakewood Elks Lodge to overflowing on Saturday for an unconventional Lincoln Day Luncheon and Candidate Roundup that featured a full slate of optimistic candidates and energized activists. The bellwether county is represented by Colorado’s three Democratic members of Congress and a number of swing races that could determine control of the state legislature.



The House on Tuesday backed legislation that aims to clarify who gets to claim federal tax credits for leasing hybrid vehicles.

House Bill 1299, sponsored by Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, would specify that it is the motor vehicle lessee, not the automobile finance agency, who gets to claim the innovative motor vehicle tax credit.

The House backed the bill by a vote of 50-14. It now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Legislators celebrate Women’s History Month

Colorado has highest percentage of women legislators
The Colorado Statesman

Adorned in decorative hats spanning the many eras Colorado women served at the state legislature, female lawmakers gathered on the chilly west steps of the Capitol on Friday to celebrate Women’s History Month.