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Mayoral candidates exchange salvos

The Colorado Statesman

From hecklers to dinosaurs to Tom Tancredo, Denver’s mayoral runoff election has seen it all this week.

As voters began returning mail ballots with two weeks to go before the June 7 deadline, the campaigns of former state Sen. Chris Romer and Councilman Michael Hancock focused increasingly on the tones, tactics and missteps of their opponents’ campaigns.

Biden touts local energy lab as hotbed of invention

The Colorado Statesman

“Science is back,” Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd of excited dignitaries and federal employees gathered at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden during a swing through the metro area on May 20.

Conservative author tells Republicans Obama wants to put America in its place

The Colorado Statesman

A bestselling conservative author told a group of Colorado Republicans that President Barack Obama is “captive to an ideology” that drives him to want to take America down a notch or two. And that, said Dinesh D’Souza, is the reason the upcoming presidential election is so critical.

Ritter, local experts discuss Bin Laden, Middle East

A recent program sponsored by the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab in Denver, The CELL, brought together a former Colorado governor and two experts on the Middle East to discuss national security and foreign policy and how events both there and in North Africa are transforming the world.

Heath: Raise taxes, aid education

The Colorado Statesman

Decrying massive cuts to Colorado’s funding for education, state Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, this week unveiled an initiative aimed at this fall’s ballot to ask voters to hike state sales and income taxes for five years. His proposed ballot measure, dubbed Initiative 25, would raise an estimated $3 billion through 2016 by restoring tax rates to 1999 levels.

Hancock’s ‘yes’ answer to teaching creationism in school forces mayoral campaign into damage control

The Colorado Statesman

It took just one word from Councilman Michael Hancock to spark a controversy that threatened to engulf his mayoral campaign a week before mail ballots go out to Denver voters.

Williams will not face indictment in Texas

The Colorado Statesman

A Hartley County, Texas grand jury has decided not to charge Colorado state Sen. Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, in the Dec. 26, 2010 traffic accident that claimed the life of a pregnant Amarillo, Texas resident.

Fur flies in Denver mayoral race

The Colorado Statesman

If all’s fair in love and war, the Denver mayoral campaign might have turned positively amorous this week.

Romer and Hancock edge Mejia for spots in runoff election

A contrast in background and style
The Colorado Statesman

The well-to-do son of a three-term governor will face an Army brat abandoned at a young age by his alcoholic father in the June runoff election for Denver’s next mayor.

Mayoral candidates stake out insider, outsider roles, rack up endorsements

The Colorado Statesman

After a late night celebrating narrow victories, the two candidates headed for a runoff in Denver’s mayoral election got up early the next day and staked out sharply different approaches to running the city even as they agreed on virtually everything they want to accomplish.