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Noonan: I’ve been chumped by VW engineering

Colorado Capitol Watch

I’ve been chumped.

English has many words and phrases to describe taking it in the shorts: dupe, cheat, deceive, betray, fool, fleece, hustle, sting, swindle, mislead, gull, scam, defraud, trick, hoodwink, hoax, double-cross, bamboozle, rip off, shaft, pull a fast one, screw, sucker, snooker, stiff, among others.

For my situation, I pick “chump,” originally an 18th century term for “thick lump of wood,” and probably a blend of chunk and lump or stump. Chump is a noun, but it should be a verb, as in “Volkswagen chumped those dumb do-gooders.”

Pikes Peak Posse saddles up

The Colorado Statesman

With the goal of supporting agriculture and Colorado’s 4-H kids, political, civic and business leaders from Colorado Springs joined the Pike Peak Posse last month to travel south to the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.

Organizer Steve Schuck credits the influence of Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers for the turnout.


DCPA founder Donald Seawell dies at age 103

Civic icon Donald R. Seawell, founder and chairman emeritus of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and a former publisher of The Denver Post, died Wednesday. He was 103.

Adams County residents dread fracking project, look to state rule-makers for relief

The Colorado Statesman

The battle taking shape in Wadley Farms, a neighborhood in unincorporated Adams County just 11 miles north of the State Capitol in Denver, is yet another battle in the Colorado war over suburban oil-and-gas drilling on the Front Range.

Primary Focus

SD 12 GOP primary pits Gardner, Klingenschmitt

The Colorado Statesman

A Republican clash in Colorado Springs is shaping up to be the most intriguing race of the upcoming legislative primary slate.

“It's a classic standoff of the current split that's going on in the Republican Party,” said Bob Loevy, a retired Colorado College political science professor and longtime Colorado Springs-based political analyst.

Former state Rep. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs, who served in the House from 2006-2012, is a conservative policy wonk with longtime ties to the El Paso County GOP establishment.

States in Play

Gesing: Opinion researchers preach restraint for horse race journalists

CU News Corps

ELON, N.C. — They are Donald Trump’s raison d’être and cause for major Hillary Clinton headaches: Public opinion polls are the prime driver of much of the 2016 presidential campaign trail news. Media scholars semi-dismissively call such reporting “horse-race coverage.” Who’s ahead? Who’s behind? Who’s going to win?

But as cable news anchors hyperventilate in joyful anxiety every time they get to announce a new set of numbers, those who provide the data actually preach caution and restraint.

Donald Trump v. Bernie Sanders in 2016? Hold your horses, pollsters warn.

Guest Commentary

Carno: Turn over every stone before asking for more taxes

Guest Contributor

Colorado Springs voters will have a decision to make this November. Will they approve yet one more tax increase, or will they ask the city leaders to sharpen their pencils and tighten their belts?

Littwin: The Bernie Sanders pope praises and rebukes Congress

The Colorado Independent

Maybe the most telling moment of Pope Francis’s address to Congress came when he finally got to abortion. This would be, at last, the Republicans’ turn to glow in the papal light.

Sure, the pope had come to chide them — if in the gentlest of tones — on immigration, on climate change, on poverty, on political dysfunction, even, obliquely, on the Iran nuclear deal. Everyone knew what was coming. The pope had tipped his hand long before pulling up to the Capitol in his anti-Trumpmobile Fiat.

Guest Commentary

Blake: Revenue took my $1, and I WANT IT BACK!

Complete Colorado

If I’d just let my passions run higher, and paid more attention to the deadline, I might have gotten my full tax refund back from the state of Colorado.

My problem is, I’m slow to anger, an all too passive citizen who accepts the abuse of the state. I’m too willing to abandon principle for convenience, much closer to a North Korean peon than a Tom Paine.

Whip the Vote

The Colorado Statesman

Public officials urged eligible Colorado residents to make sure they were registered to vote and that their registration information was current on Tuesday as part of National Voter Registration Day. It was the strongest push yet for the occasion, which launched in 2012, said Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who started a day full of appearances and events at the crack of dawn with several bookings on morning TV shows.