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Potential for real food fight if GMO labeling makes ballot

Drive comes following failed legislative attempts
The Colorado Statesman

Proponents of a proposed ballot initiative that would require labeling of genetically modified foods are nearing the end of their signature drive, setting up a real food fight between citizens and producers.

The Right to Know initiative has collected about 90,000 signatures. They must collect at least 86,105 valid signatures by Aug. 4 in order to make the November ballot.

Energy independence fuels debate at confab

The Colorado Statesman

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce sponsored an all day Energy Expo at the Convention Center last Friday. Exhibitors helped stuff swag bags for the free event with everything from water bottles to breath mints. An all-of-the-above philosophy was evidenced by representation from wind farms, solar cell manufacturers and other sustainable technologies to more traditional fossil fuel giants, including oil and gas producers — even the Colorado Mining Association (think clean coal). NOKERO Solar has developed a solar light bulb for markets in the third world without reliable electricity.

15th Annual Wirth Chair Sustainability Awards Luncheon honors those ‘getting it right’

The Colorado Statesman

Former U.S. Sen. Tim Wirth welcomed guests and honorees to the 15th Annual Wirth Chair Sustainability Awards Luncheon on June 16 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver. The awards luncheon was sponsored by the University of Colorado chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy established in 1993 to honor Wirth.

Mark Safty, who is the current occupant of the Wirth chair, honored individuals, organizations and entire industries for their achievements helping balance economic, environmental and social welfare objectives, which are the stated purposes of the chair.

No elephant convention in Denver in 2016

The Colorado Statesman

Did parading elephants and a smiling quarterback trump briefcases and flowcharts? Or are Republicans more covetous of Ohio’s 18 electoral votes than Colorado’s nine? Maybe it all came down to dollars and cents, and Denver’s lack of fundraising commitments doomed the city’s chances.

Whatever the elements of the decision, Denver won’t be the host city for the 2016 Republican National Convention, a GOP selection committee said on Wednesday when it announced that Dallas and Cleveland were the surviving finalists. Kansas City, Mo., was also eliminated from consideration.

The Clintons take their Initiative to Denver

The Colorado Statesman

The Clintons — former President Bill, former Secretary of State and U.S. Sen. Hillary and former First Daughter Chelsea — took Denver by storm this week as the Clinton Global Initiative America settled into town for three days of meetings.

Former state Sen. Mary Ellen Epps passes away

Former state Sen. Mary Ellen Epps, a long-time Republican who represented the Colorado Sprins area, died on June 6 at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. She was 79.

Epps served six terms in the House, from 1986-1998. She then served one term in the Senate, from 1998-2002. She represented the Fountain and Security-Widefield areas.

Been there, done that, is message to RNC site selection committee

The Colorado Statesman

Legalized marijuana and Colorado’s pivotal swing-state status won’t be factors when the Republican National Committee designates the host city for its 2016 national convention, leading Republicans said during a three-day visit by the GOP’s site-selection committee this week. Instead, the 13-member body plans to make its recommendation based on venues, proximity of hotel rooms, transportation and security capabilities, said the group’s chairwoman.

Denver hosts, toasts RNC site selection committee

Most events veiled in secrecy, but no secret that fundraising is key
The Colorado Statesman

The activities of the visiting members of the Republican site selection committee were ensconced in secrecy for much of their two-day visit to Denver, to the chagrin of local and national press who had experienced more access during the RNC’s first two trips to host contenders Cleveland and Kansas City a few days earlier.

A fond farewell to Leslie Oliver in U.S. Rep. Perlmutter’s office

…and welcome to new communications director Ashley Hause
The Colorado Statesman

[Updated 6-17-14 to amend the incorrect gender of Aaron Greco's daughter in one of the photos below.]

It was a bittersweet occasion on June 4 when U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter and his staff gathered at the Uptown Tavern in Denver for a “passing of the baton” party for their longtime communications and policy director Leslie Oliver.


Ugly assaults on sacred constitutional rights — or a good job by the men in blue?

Contributing Columnist

Scoot your chairs up next to the campfire, children, and I’ll tell you a scary story. Once upon a time in Aurora, Colorado, there was a gang of neo-Fascist thugs who threw up roadblocks and demanded to examine your driver’s license. They even asked why you were driving through this particular intersection (Iliff and Buckley) — curious to know where you were going and why, (as though this was any of their business).