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Menten: RTD highly subsidized, no 'greedy profiteer'

Guest Contributor

The Regional Transportation District recently approved a 2016 fare structure that some think unfair. The agency held public hearings over several months and listened to concerns and adjusted the proposal. Still, multiple protests were organized, and even Occupy Denver decided to beat their drums.

I believe by reducing expenditures on high-cost services, RTD can better serve those who are truly transit-dependent with reasonable fares.

Hick cites fiscal concerns with pair of no-sign laws

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s cautious response last week to two new laws foreshadows the budget constraints lawmakers will be dealing with next year.

Last week, the governor declined to sign one bill aimed at boosting college preparedness for under-served youths and another that increases penalties in assault cases involving emergency care providers.

Instead of signing or vetoing the bills, the governor sent them to the Secretary of State, and they will become law without his signature.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Time to take antibiotics out of our food chain


Thank you for the article in the June 5 Statesman regarding the over-use and dangers of antibiotics in factory farming. This is such an important issue for our state and our country at this time! Superbugs are real and are a direct result of the over-use of antibiotics on our factory farms, with antibiotics being given routinely to healthy livestock as a so-called preventive measure.

Woods, Zenzinger already in 2016 campaign mode

SD 19 rematch could determine which party holds Senate majority
The Colorado Statesman

The race for one of Colorado's most competitive state Senate seats is more than a year away, but the potential candidates are already in throw-down mode.

Former Democratic state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger told The Colorado Statesman this week that she is “seriously considering” a rematch with incumbent Republican Sen. Laura Woods for the right to represent Arvada’s Senate District 19 for a four year term.


Ritter confirms role in Vatican encyclical on climate change

Last Thursday Conservation Colorado honored Tom Steyer, the California investment billionaire and environmental political donor, at its 2015 ‘Rebel With A Cause’ dinner at the Convention Center Hyatt in Denver.

At the gala event — the state’s “green-side-up” glitterati were in full force — boasting half an inch of snow white stubble, on its way to becoming a beard, was former Gov. Bill Ritter, coiner of the “new energy economy” catch phrase that now echoes in nearly every discussion about global warming, and he had a story to tell. Or not quite tell yet, but with a wink and a grin, he confirmed what we’d been hearing for weeks.

Guest Commentary

Schabacker & Ruggiero: Rep. Perlmutter must stay strong against 'Fast Track' for massive trade deal


Courage is a rare attribute in today’s political climate. Indeed, with millions of dollars of dark money flooding Colorado to buy elections and unparalleled partisan bickering, it’s no wonder that so many Americans do not feel our federal elected officials actually represent their interests. Congressman Ed Perlmutter has a unique opportunity to change this perception this Friday.

Activists urge Bennet to back antibiotics legislation

The Colorado Statesman

Imagine taking a family member to an urgent care clinic for a simple sore throat only to watch them die a few days later.

That was the story told by one of the people who joined Food & Water Watch in a meeting with Sen. Michael Bennet’s staff on Wednesday. The environmentalist group was asking the senator to commit to sponsoring Senate legislation called the Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act.

Letter to Editor

Colorado Counties didn't 'out-maneuver' CML on pot taxes

Dear Editor,

I appreciate Mr. Hudson’s coverage of Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) Summer Conference. As the lead lobbyist for CCI on the legislation that granted counties excise tax authority on marijuana, I can tell you that our success had little to do with out-maneuvering the Colorado Municipal League (CML).

Attempts to ban fracking statewide suffer from drop in momentum, funding

The Colorado Statesman

Democratic Rep. Jared Polis may no longer be interested in running a statewide anti-fracking initiative after last year’s bruising political battle royale, but Cliff Willmeng isn’t giving up on the dream.

Six months ago, Willmeng launched an issue committee, Coloradans for Community Rights, to promote a proposed constitutional amendment on “the right to local self-government.” While he has yet to file language with the state, the effort sounds similar to his 2014 proposal, which failed to qualify for the November ballot.

Hickenlooper declares first steps in ‘Colorado Beautiful’ initiative

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper this week outlined the first steps in a conservation and outdoors recreation initiative that ultimately aims to enable every Coloradan to live within a 10-minute walk of a “vibrant, green space.”

“Our goal would be to get the majority of Coloradans to, on a regular basis, appreciate that space,” Hickenlooper told reporters.