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Attempts to ban fracking statewide suffer from drop in momentum, funding

The Colorado Statesman

Democratic Rep. Jared Polis may no longer be interested in running a statewide anti-fracking initiative after last year’s bruising political battle royale, but Cliff Willmeng isn’t giving up on the dream.

Six months ago, Willmeng launched an issue committee, Coloradans for Community Rights, to promote a proposed constitutional amendment on “the right to local self-government.” While he has yet to file language with the state, the effort sounds similar to his 2014 proposal, which failed to qualify for the November ballot.

Hickenlooper declares first steps in ‘Colorado Beautiful’ initiative

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper this week outlined the first steps in a conservation and outdoors recreation initiative that ultimately aims to enable every Coloradan to live within a 10-minute walk of a “vibrant, green space.”

“Our goal would be to get the majority of Coloradans to, on a regular basis, appreciate that space,” Hickenlooper told reporters.

This week's political cartoon

'Another Colorado Freak Storm'

A humorous look at Clinton Global Initiative America's visit to Denver this week
The Colorado Statesman

This week's political cartoon by editorial cartoonist and Statesman Publisher Jared Wright, "Another Colorado Freak Storm."

News from Yesteryear

Eastern Plains farmers, ranchers grapple with drought, falling egg prices, massive downpour

The Colorado Statesman

Fifty Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … U.S. Rep. Frank Evans, a Democrat, labeled some of the engineering and building under way at the Air Force Academy “a debacle,” charging that the architects didn’t have “the vaguest idea of the dramatic changes which take place in temperature in this area.” …

Mountain climber Benitez faces hurdles to grow state’s outdoor industry

The Colorado Statesman

Luis Benitez has encountered all sorts of hardships as an elite mountaineer. He’s scaled the highest points on all seven continents 32 times and helped to rebuild a climbing company devastated by the 1996 Into Thin Air Mount Everest disaster.

But some of his most daunting challenges could come in his new role as director of the fledgling Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, where he’ll have to tackle environmental issues, transportation concerns, growing pressure on public lands and conflict with other industries.

Clinton defends taking foreign contributions for foundation

The Colorado Statesman

“Have at it.”

Bill Clinton responded with those three words to an opening question from Bloomberg TV anchor Betty Liu in her one-on-one interview with the former President on Wednesday at the Fifth Annual Clinton Global Initiative America meeting at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel.

Statesman Columnist

Colorado Health Exchange may be skating on thin ice

The Colorado Statesman

Two weeks ago I received an email from Sameer Parekh Brenn of Boulder containing the following appeal: “My family is being threatened with losing our healthcare coverage because Connect for Health is broken. Would you like to cover the story?”

DeGette bill tackles diabetes disparities

The Colorado Statesman

With Native Americans 23 times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than non-Hispanic whites, U.S. Rep. Dianna DeGette, D-Denver, chose Denver Indian Health and Family Services as the location to announce new legislation on diabetes research focused on minority populations.

Obama officials blast Congress over funding to fight wildfires

Forest Service: Record-breaking heat, drought 'the new norm,' despite recent downpours
The Colorado Statesman

The timing of an Obama administration trip to the Denver area this week to talk about the threat of wildfires might have seemed odd, given the recent, record-breaking precipitation around Colorado.

But officials warn that the green that currently coats the state has the potential to feed blazes throughout what is expected to be a hot and dry summer.

Northwest Coloradans rally to save Colowyo coal mine from shutdown

Residents, officials push back against lawsuit filed by environmental group over permit
The Colorado Statesman

Lori Gillam isn’t a coal miner — she owns a liquor store in rural Moffat County — but she’s doing her part to help save the Colowyo mine after a federal judge’s ruling in a lawsuit filed by the environmentalist group WildEarth Guardians.

Gillam said Tuesday she has removed beers from a half dozen Colorado breweries at Stockmen’s Liquor because their companies support WildEarth Guardians, whose lawsuit resulted in a May 8 order from a federal judge that threatens to shut down the mine and take 220 jobs with it.