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Effort to sell beer, wine in grocery stores may bypass legislature and instead seek ballot approval in 2016

The Colorado Statesman

Supporters of the effort to allow grocery and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer are turning away from the General Assembly and on to voters.

For four years, beginning in 2009, the Legislature tried but failed to pass laws allowing grocery and/or convenience stores to sell full-strength beer or wine. The push from grocery store owners came after the Legislature lifted a ban on Sunday sales for liquor stores in 2008.


Forum on race, justice is just the beginning

Contributing Columnist

At 3 p.m. on the Friday afternoon before the final weekend leading up to Christmas you couldn’t help but wonder how many Denver residents would be willing to show up for a discussion of race, justice and police brutality. The answer turned out to be that a lot of people found the time to fight traffic, parking and a balky, Internet reservation system to claim 150 seats at the Colorado History Museum.


Remove prosecutors from grand jury proceedings of police misconduct, brutality


As the nation is gripped in the passion of a fresh new justice movement lashing out against the atrocities of police brutality, there is a grand opportunity for Colorado to take a stand and make a difference.


End of Cuban embargo is good policy for U.S.


Congratulations to President Obama for being the first president to stand up and reject the counterproductive and long outdated Cuban embargo. And to heck with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and others for their attacks on him. How can they justify an embargo that was first imposed on October 19, 1960, extended on February 7, 1962 and has, in effect, kept the Castro brothers in power longer than the terms of our last seven presidents? How would the Castros ever have maintained power if they hadn’t had the United States to blame for their decades of economic mismanagement and brutality?

Former state Rep. Jared Wright joins Statesman staff

We are pleased to announce that Jared Wright is joining our team at The Colorado Statesman as a new editorial cartoonist. Jared is a former Republican state representative from Fruita. During the 69th General Assembly Jared served in the House of Representatives where he proudly represented his hometown of Grand Junction, located in HD 54. He was the ranking member on the House Local Government Committee and a member of the House Judiciary and Business Committees. He did not seek reelection last year.

Community leaders discuss aftermath of shootings by police

The Colorado Statesman

It was standing room only on Friday afternoon when Denver Mayor Michael Hancock led what he termed a “very frank” discussion about race relations and law enforcement at the History Colorado Center.

“Sometimes in our life, we don’t have an option whether we have tough conversations,” Hancock said, pointing out that the crowd of more than 200 had shown up on one of the busiest days of the holiday season.

Tancredo toasts to conservative principles at dinner with supporters

The Colorado Statesman

Supporters of former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo raised a glass to toast the Republican and conservative principles at a gathering of a couple dozen key backers of his gubernatorial bid on Sunday night at a Lakewood steakhouse.

Noting that he had celebrated his 69th birthday the day before, a wistful-sounding Tancredo observed, “It’s been a wonderful ride — a wonderful life.” Smiling, he asked, “Isn’t that the movie?”

Hancock appoints Mares to address behavioral health issues in Denver

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has appointed Don Mares, President and CEO of Mental Health America of Colorado, as executive director of the newly established Office of Behavioral Health Strategies. The office is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation for a major metropolitan city.

Liberal dash of merriment at this year’s holiday party for young conservatives

The Colorado Statesman

There was plenty of holiday spirit at the Leadership Program of the Rockies party on Thursday at the Wellshire Event Center in south Denver, where more than 150 supporters, alumnae and members of the current Class of 2015 talked liberty and founding principles over a sumptuous spread.

Jeb Bush gets early gift at Lincoln Club holiday party

The Colorado Statesman

The Lincoln Club of Colorado’s third annual holiday party rang in the seasonal cheer on Wednesday night at the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association’s building in Denver, giving members a chance to toast Republican victories on last month’s ballot and look forward to more success in the new year.