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Nicolais: Real justice at risk of being sacrificed to mob rule

The Colorado Statesman

“The mob is the mother of tyrants.” – Diogenes

As true today as it was in the Greek philosopher’s time 2,500 years ago, the exponential increase in communication during the digital age has created an environment where instances of mob justice occur almost weekly. The growing prevalence threatens to undermine the formal judicial system.

Israel consul general urges no vote on Iran nuclear deal, Colo Dems remain undecided

The Colorado Statesman

With congressional Democrats still on the fence, Colorado’s pro-Israel community is making the case against President Obama’s proposed nuclear agreement with Iran, saying it will increase rather than reduce the chances of war.

JEWISHcolorado sponsored a teleconference Tuesday with David Siegel, consul general of Israel in Los Angeles, who warned that the deal will be dangerous for Israel by helping Iran become a nuclear-weapons power in the long run.

VA Secretary, House VA Committee chair speak in Denver on Aurora hospital 'crisis'

The Colorado Statesman

Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald and House Veterans Affairs Committee chair Jeff Miller are both committed to finishing the long-delayed VA medical center in Aurora, but getting to that last $604 million is proving tricky.

The top federal VA bigwigs came together for two hours before a packed crowd Monday at the Disabled American Veterans national convention at the Denver Sheraton Downtown, and while they didn’t always see eye to eye, those anticipating a brawl were disappointed.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Trump paving the way to elect another Reagan


I would encourage my fellow liberty lovers to think of Donald Trump’s recent campaign tactics as showing up to play chess rather than simply agreeing to cooperate with the smirking carnies and their milk-bottle-toss game.

States in Play

GOP presidential debate: Colorado's in for a real treat

The Colorado Statesman

The University of Colorado and CNBC will serve as hosts for a Republican presidential primary debate in Boulder on Oct. 28. Colorado Statesman contributor Lars Gesing was in Cleveland on Thursday to watch the frenzy unfold around the first GOP debate.

CLEVELAND — Rosemary Flury sits on the patio of the Erie Island Coffee shop on Cleveland’s East 4th Street, where hip and trendy restaurants, watering holes, coffee shops and indie boutiques usually welcome casual strollers. Not today. The 2016 presidential election cosmos and its media entourage have descended upon Cleveland.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Cannabis tourism industry faces big challenges, promising future


The marijuana tourism industry is a burgeoning one with great potential because of its recent legalization. (See “Expert: Cannabis industry has arrived,” in the Aug. 7 Colorado Statesman.) As the negative stigmas associated with marijuana use fade away, just about every tourist visiting Colorado and the other legalized states now curiously enters recreational marijuana storefronts to see what might catch his or her fancy. People who haven’t used marijuana in years, or sometimes never before, are now putting their inhibitions aside to try cannabis. Because of the overwhelming array of edibles, tinctures, topicals, and even transdermal patches available. people don’t even have to smoke to partake in the festivities. However, with marijuana moving into more industrialized facilities for massive-scale production, it is important that consumers seek out organically grown, pesticide-free marijuana that is cultivated with the end user in mind.

Guest Commentary

Littwin: Who knows how to deal with Donald Trump?

During last night’s Republican debate, Donald Trump was both appalling and entertaining, and he proved that he had no business standing on the stage among serious candidates. But how those serious candidates will deal with him is anybody’s guess.
Guest Contributor

Let’s all agree on this much after the opening night of the GOP debates: Donald Trump, the star of the show, did not disappoint.

He was at his Donaldian best, or worst, depending on your world view. The thing about Trump is that his best and worst are exactly the same, so it’s hard to know the difference. He was appalling and he was entertaining, and he proved, if anyone doubted it, that he had no business standing on the stage among serious candidates, which is the whole point of the Trump experience.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Protecting animals promotes world health, not world hunger


I am writing in response to the article published in The Colorado Statesman on July 31, “Ranchers Differ Widely on Antibiotics Use in Livestock.” Fundamentally, to work towards a solution to complex issues we all must be willing to focus on commonalities as opposed to differences. The core of this issue lies within the confines of health. Every person strives for health and ultimately we are dependent on it; no one wants to be sick and no one wants to see loved ones sick.

Lawmakers from 13 states schooled on Colorado’s problems, successes

The Colorado Statesman

VAIL – Getting more than 300 state lawmakers to focus on the human side of public policy might be a bit much to hope for — unless you bring them all together in the rarified Colorado Rocky Mountain air and have them stay four days at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa.

That’s what state Sen. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora, had in mind as chair of the Council of State Governments West, which held its 68th annual meeting in Vail last week. More than 500 staffers, lawmakers and other state and federal officials attended.

Politics Uncorked

Governor’s Cup competition showcases Colorado wine advances

The Colorado Statesman

“I think the wines this year show great balance and wonderful winemaking skills,” said famous Napa Valley winemaker, Warren Winiarski. The maker of the iconic 1973 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars S.L.V. Cabernet Sauvignon that won the 1976 “Judgment of Paris” tasting (and who has made countless great wines over a 40-plus year career) believe it or not was talking about a recent tasting of Colorado wines.