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Corporon: GOP saga: ‘As the House Turns’

Guest Contributor

With apologies to fans of the iconic TV series As the World Turns, I realized today during our morning radio show that the drama unfolding around recently-elected Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House has all the elements of a daytime soap opera: melodramatic, tragic, morbidly humorous, shattered hopes and the capacity to last a long, long time.

Court rules companies can fire employees for off-duty pot use

The Colorado Statesman

Medical marijuana users in Colorado will risk being fired if they test positive for THC in violation of their employers’ policies.

In a 6-0 decision Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court upheld an appeals court ruling that in the state’s lawful activities statute, the “term ‘lawful’ refers only to those activities that are lawful under both state and federal law.”

Because marijuana use — medical or recreational — is illegal under federal statute, the court held that employers can fire workers who violate a company drug policy, despite marijuana being legal in the state.

House issues statement regarding GOP coup attempt

State GOP Chair Steve House just issued the following statement:

Letter to the Editor

Allott, Romer 1966 Senate contest one for the books


I really enjoyed your "Yesteryear" column on 6-11-15.

The 1965 quote by Democratic State Senator Roy Romer of Denver saying Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Allott was "inadequate" and would be "rejected" for reelection because Allott supported Barrry Goldwater for president in 1964 is very interesting and ironic given what did happen in the 1966 election.

Guest Commentary Changing Colorado’s conversation about sexual health

Colorado Department of Health and Environment

Few things change a person’s life more than becoming a parent. Moving in together, making the choice to commit to a partner for life, changing jobs or rerouting career paths, even buying a car or a home are all huge commitments that certainly change lives in major ways, but there is a major difference between these and getting pregnant. These other things rarely, if ever, happen by accident or without prior planning.

What does happen on accident are nearly half of all pregnancies in Colorado. So why do so many people find themselves dealing with an “oops” pregnancy?

Guest Commentary

Colorado’s Lawful Activities statute does not protect employees’ medical marijuana use

McKenna Long & Aldridge

On June 15, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in Coats v. Dish Network, LLC, No. 13SC394, 2015 CO 44 (2015), that employers with a drug-free workplace policy have the right to take adverse action against employees who test positive for marijuana, even if the employees fully comply with the state’s medical marijuana laws, do not use marijuana at the workplace, and are not impaired on the job. This landmark decision affirms the right of employers to require that their employees comply with all federal drug laws, regardless of their states’ marijuana laws.

Hickenlooper says taxi bill ‘falls short,' lets it become law without signature

The Colorado Statesman

A law set to take effect this summer will ease marketplace restrictions for new taxi companies in hopes of creating more ride options for a Denver metro area that is booming in population.

But some feel the measure doesn't go far enough, while others worry it will lead to greater congestion on city streets.

Insurance commissioner: State Exchange is strong

Advocacy Denver

Colorado’s insurance commissioner, Marguerite Salazar, wants state residents to know where they can go for greater understanding of the benefits offered in insurance policies, and, where to file complaints when they are not satisfied with an insurance company’s practices. She says the Division of Insurance relies on consumers to know when something at an insurance company isn’t working for the consumer’s benefit. In an interview with Catherine Strode, Commissioner Salazar also discussed the future of Colorado’s Health Exchange, predicting more financial viability in the years ahead.

Hispanic-owned BBQ joint triples business with White Appreciation Day

The Colorado Statesman

Just in case, Edgar Antillon stocked up on extra food and brought in additional staff Thursday for his barbecue restaurant’s first-ever White Appreciation Day.

It turns out that was a wise decision. He said Friday that business tripled at the Rubbin Buttz BBQ in Milliken as a result of the publicity surrounding the event, which started as a joke but ended up as a statement against racial division and in favor of American unity.

Big Dog leaves mark at Clinton Global summit in Denver

The Colorado Statesman

The Big Dog returned to Denver for the second year in a row this past week with his domestic policy edition of the Clinton Global Initiative — part Davos-style deliberation of important issues by important people, part tent revival where true believers are called forward to attest to their personal or organizational commitment to achieve good things. And it’s all served up with a dash of New Age earnestness by the carnival barker who was our 42nd president.