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Crummy: Colorado oil and natural gas regulations protect the environment

Guest Contributor

Caitlyn Seeley George’s attempt to capitalize on the tragic Gold King Mine spill to further her group’s extreme agenda to ban fracking is outrageous (“Orange is not the new black when it comes to toxic spills,” in the Sept. 11 Colorado Statesman online edition). Even more disconcerting is that Seeley used misleading and false information in an attempt to scare readers to join her cause.

Guest Commentary

Coffman: Common sense help for women in the workplace

Guest Contributor

Imagine an employer providing extra bathroom breaks for a pregnant employee or giving her a stool to sit on. Sound like a good idea? It is, and I absolutely support it.

For many reasons, I am proud to be the first House Republican co-sponsor of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. It’s good for women. It’s good for Colorado families. It’s good for our economy. And, finally, it’s an example of a common sense, bipartisan solution that we need more of in the United States Congress.

Colorado Capitol Watch

Noonan: Will DPS-style charter system work in Jeffco?

Colorado Capitol Watch

Former state Sen. John Andrews asked Jeffco school board members and candidates at a forum if they would welcome Denver Public Schools’ charter school system in Jeffco. I said I would not, while Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams, the three board members facing recall, all said they would. (I’m running for the seat occupied by Witt.) The query deserves a response removed from political controversy.

DPS has 54 charters. The district has turned to charters to fix low student achievement. It also uses charters to fill program niches.


Hudson: Low morale, pay strain state workers

The Colorado Statesman

Colorado WINS, the state employee labor union simulacrum created by Gov. Bill Ritter through an executive order, held its “third triennial constitutional member convention” this past weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Denver. After several years of struggle, Colorado WINS has been enjoying slow-but-steady growth in its membership.

Strode: ZIP Code matters as much as genetic code

Advocacy Denver

Where you live, what you do for a living, and how much you make could determine your long-term health outlook. This concept, commonly termed “social determinants,” is gaining equal importance with healthy behaviors as a predictor of an individual’s future health outcomes. Alan Weil, editor in chief of Health Affairs, the nation’s leading journal on health policy and systems change, discussed the connection between community and good health in an interview with Catherine Strode.

Rain barrel bill may be coming back

The Colorado Statesman

Coloradans may yet get the chance to use those rain barrels for something other than enormous flowerpots.

The General Assembly’s Water Resources Review Committee on Tuesday considered a bill that would allow Colorado residents to collect and use rainwater that comes off their roofs. Colorado is the only state that forbids collecting rainwater.

Guest Commentary

Ladd: LWCF: The best conservation program you’ve never heard of

Guest Contributor

It doesn’t garner many headlines, but The Land and Water Conservation Fund has been making a difference for Colorado’s public lands and outdoor recreation for 50 years. You may not have heard of the program, but if you’ve spent time in Colorado fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, or even visiting your local community parks — odds are, you’ve directly experienced the benefits of the program.


Morgan joins Denver DA race, CO AFL-CIO names director, Kotas heads to DC for papal mass

Morgan throws hat
in ring for Denver DA

Veteran prosecutor Helen Morgan launched her campaign for Denver district attorney this week, joining a crowded field of candidates hoping to take the reins next year after term-limited DA Mitch Morrissey leaves office.

Morgan is chief deputy district attorney and her slogan is, “A prosecutor, not a politician.”

Water storage a major concern heard by resource review panel

The Colorado Statesman


And storage, and, just maybe, more storage.

If there was a single message that emerged from the final two hearings on the state water plan, it’s that the East Slope needs more water storage.

It’s a message the interim Water Resources Review Committee heard and acknowledged during the hearings, held Monday in Greeley and Tuesday in Aurora.

Representatives of the Denver South Platte River area basin roundtables hammered on that desire, as did members of the public who spoke to the committee.

Guest Commentary

Blaha: The leadership abyss

Guest Contributor

Years of poor leadership, punctuated by the misguided Iranian Nuclear deal, have placed the United States in a precarious situation and on the doorstep of disaster. Our demonstration of weakness in “kicking the can down the road” a decade is shortsighted and deafening to a world looking for courage.

So, after a quick recap of this Neville Chamberlain demonstration of negotiation skills, what do we do as a country … right here, right now?