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Campus conservatives take on Obama youth message

College Republicans stage rally, denounce the President
The Colorado Statesman

In the 2008 election, young voters turned out in record numbers and largely carried President Obama to victory — but this year, college conservatives in Colorado are doing everything in their power to ensure the youth vote swings to the right. They say they are seeing disenfranchised students of all political stripes uniting under the Republican Party banner against the rising national deficit and Obama’s economic record, although the latest polling data suggests otherwise.

Legislative races of 2012: April edition

The Colorado Statesman

This time around, the cardinal number is six: It’s just six weeks until ballots drop for June’s all-mail primary election, and six months from now Coloradans will already be voting in what promises to be one of the most hard-fought general elections in memory.

While Colorado’s role as a crucial battleground in the presidential contest — some say it’s the key swing state — will surely suck up most of the oxygen this year, dozens of races in every corner of the state will vie for attention as voters select a new legislature.

Undocumented students once again denied reduced tuition

The Colorado Statesman

For the sixth time, undocumented Colorado students and their supporters watched with tears in their eyes as state Republicans shot down the latest attempt to offer the students reduced tuition rates.

GOP congressional reps ‘energized’ over legislation

But detractors say ‘drill, baby, drill’ is nothing more than a cheap gimmick
The Colorado Statesman

Three Republican members of the Colorado congressional delegation have proposed three bills to streamline and enhance domestic energy production. But critics of the so-called “Three Stooges” of energy bills say the proposed legislation moves away from long-term solutions in the name of a quick political opportunity to attack President Barack Obama’s administration and Democratic proposals in a tightly contested election year.

Bill to increase oversight of public trustees passes committee

Compromise retains appointments by Guv
The Colorado Statesman

A bill aimed at increased oversight over public trustees in Colorado was dramatically altered on Monday to retain the state’s governor-appointed public trustees, but would still require more local and state oversight over how they conduct operations.

Sandoval fostered dreams of the powerful and powerless

The Colorado Statesman

Soon after news broke that legendary North Denver power broker Paul Sandoval had died, the tributes began to pour in from across the country, remembering the tamale proprietor’s influence on local, state and national politics over four decades.

Sandoval was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last February and died at his home on Tuesday afternoon, said his wife, Paula. He was 67.

Deputy DA forces surprise primary in 18th Judicial District

The Colorado Statesman

It looks like there will be a Republican primary in the 18th Judicial District’s district attorney race after all.

Deputy District Attorney Leslie Hansen successfully petitioned onto the ballot for the 18th JD’s district attorney race after she failed to receive enough delegates at the district’s nominating assembly last month. The secretary of state’s office certified 1,487 of the submitted signatures, well exceeding the requirement of 1,000 signatures.

Dems ready for swing state showdown

Congressional, legislative seats also up for grabs
The Colorado Statesman

If Colorado Democrats didn’t yet realize their importance in the upcoming presidential election, the state party’s top politicos made sure to hammer the point home at Saturday’s state assembly.

GOP candidates nominated

Assembly delegates give nod to congressional candidates
The Colorado Statesman

Republicans at congressional district assemblies set up one surprise primary, kept two potential primary challengers off the ballot, and sent a whole lot of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum delegates to attend the Republican National Convention during a series of meetings last Thursday and Friday.

National delegates to take their voices to Charlotte

The Colorado Statesman

At Saturday’s Democratic state assembly, 1,411 delegates were in attendance. Eighty-six delegates, who have all pledged their support for President Obama, will be advancing to the national convention in Charlotte, N.C. in August.