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Club 20’s Annual Autumn Steak Fry

Political fare also on menu
Western Slope Correspondent

Legislators — current, former and probably future — as well as state and local officials, lobbyists and business people visited during the cocktail hour at the Club 20 annual steak fry at Cross Orchards, an historic working farm owned by the Museum of the West in Grand Junction.

Long favored by Club 20 and numerous other organizations to stage events, Cross Orchards was the site for a campaign speech in 2008 by Barack Obama on his way to the White House.

Hickenlooper blasts Denver's initiative calling for paid sick leave

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper forcefully spoke out against a Denver ballot initiative that would require employers to provide paid sick leave on Thursday. He railed against the proposal on November’s ballot during remarks about Colorado’s economic future in an address to the Economic Club of Colorado on Sept. 8.

The governor also advocated for investments in education as a means to stabilize the state’s economic outlook. Hickenlooper stopped short of offering support for a tax increase that would fund education in Colorado.

Denver Rustlers spur on State Fair’s Jr. Livestock Sale

Denver Rustlers play major role in funding college-bound 4-H youth
The Colorado Statesman

This western tale doesn’t change much from one year to the next — and that’s a good thing.

DeGette, Pelosi get earful from women business owners at forum

The Colorado Statesman

A group of women business leaders painted a grim portrait of the economic climate and didn’t sound confident in the ability of Congress to fix things anytime soon at a forum sponsored by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette on Tuesday in Denver. The event’s headliner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, acknowledged the public is fed up with what appears to be a broken government and a slack economy but told the women not to despair.

Legislators: Breaking up is hard to do

The emotional toll of reapportionment
The Colorado Statesman

Democratic lawmakers from Denver on Monday evening spoke of the emotional and political toll reapportionment is taking in their districts, especially in House District 3 where Democratic Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills, will most likely lose all of his Democratic-leaning Denver precincts and shift over to a split district within Arapahoe County.

Aurora mayoral candidates run gamut at first debate

The Colorado Statesman

Should Aurora aggressively court major developments, or have city officials devoted too much energy to hitting elusive jackpots at the expense of smaller retailers and other businesses?

Is it the mayor’s job to bring together potential employers and institutions to train workers, or would the next mayor more effectively help create jobs by getting out of the way?

Do voters want someone who shows up for the first candidates’ debate in an expensive suit and well-shined shoes, or do they prefer a more casual approach, down to a comfy pair of Crocs on their next mayor’s feet?

Arapahoe County Republicans rally behind Coffman Greenwood Village barbeque and fundraiser
The Colorado Statesman

Joy Hoffman, the conscientious chair of the Arapahoe County GOP, is also host extraordinaire. Witness the lovely shindig she threw a couple weeks ago for incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman. Held in the expansive backyard of her beautiful Greenwood Village home where it is several degrees cooler than in sweltering downtown Denver, the second annual barbeque for Coffman featured hot dogs, some smoked meat, but best of all, a potpourri of politics to feed the appetite.

El Paso Democrats celebrate Berthrong’s 50 years of service

On Aug. 17, more than 125 Democrats and supporters gathered at the home of Kathleen Ricker, chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, to welcome U.S. Sen. Mark Udall and to celebrate the 50 years of commitment and dedication by Sharon Berthrong to the Democrats. Berthrong has worked on numerous campaigns from Renny Fagan to Mary Ellen McNally to Sen. Udall’s. She was chair of the county party from 1993-1995. Community members, including Richard Skorman and Jan Martin shared memories and political wisdom courtesy of Berthrong.

Perry campaigns with friends in Colorado

The Colorado Statesman

ASPEN — Surging in recent national polls that show him at the top of a crowded field of Republican contenders hoping to defeat President Barack Obama in 2012, newly announced candidate Rick Perry flew into Aspen Thursday afternoon for a private fundraiser hosted by Colorado Republicans Marc and Kristen Holtzman. Less than two hours later, the three term Governor of Texas reboarded a private jet at the nearby Aspen airport and headed back to Denver for another $2500-per-person fundraiser.

Coffman credits GOP with taking on tough tasks

The Colorado Statesman

The easy way out would have been to vote against the compromise on raising the federal debt ceiling earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman told a crowd at a fundraising luncheon for the state GOP last Thursday in Denver.

If he’d done that, Coffman said, he could have told conservative audiences he stood in the way of more government borrowing, and he could have told liberal audiences he had drawn the line against deep spending cuts.