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Bill to clarify state engineer’s authority passes House Ag

The Colorado Statesman

A battle pitting landowners protecting their water rights against oil and gas companies that want to avoid getting water permits may be heating up at the Capitol.

Colorado Legislature leadership honors Israel

Colorado’s legislative leaders from both sides of the aisle came together on March 18 to honor the nation of Israel with Senate Joint Resolution 11-027 that proclaims “continued support by the Colorado General Assembly for a strong relationship between the United States and Israel.”

Mesa State bill falls in Senate committee

The Colorado Statesman

Mesa State’s effort to free itself of the state personnel system came to a halt on Wednesday, when the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee voted along party lines to postpone House Bill 1007 indefinitely.

McNulty lauds bipartisanship

...but other legislative leaders differ at midpoint
The Colorado Statesman

Last December, the leadership of the House and Senate pledged bipartisan cooperation for the 2011 session. With the session now halfway over, it’s clear that some legislators are learning to work across the aisle, but not all.

Lots of different ideas on redistricting in CD 5

The Colorado Statesman

Residents of the 5th Congressional District want to keep the district’s five military installations within their boundaries, and many favor shedding some of the district’s western counties so long as they can make El Paso County whole within its boundaries.

Redistricting causes commotion at Capitol

The Colorado Statesman

House Republicans on Friday introduced a bill on judicial instructions for congressional redistricting that is causing a stir at the capitol and raising concerns that it could impact the work of the bipartisan committee on redistricting.

Civil unions bill passes first Senate hurdle

The Colorado Statesman

A Senate panel on Monday gave initial approval to a bill that would create civil unions for same-sex couples in Colorado over objections the proposal defies a constitutional ban on gay marriage enacted by voters five years ago.

Initiative proposes tax hikes

The Colorado Statesman

Democratic legislators this week unveiled separate tax proposals intended to find a way out of the $375 million budget cut Gov. John Hickenlooper proposes for K-12 education.

DU study: State budget woes never-ending

The Colorado Statesman

A legislative-commissioned study released last week by the University of Denver shows the state faces an enormous structural imbalance, and that even a recovery from the recession won’t be enough to resolve the state’s budget problems.

Steadman and Ferrandino: Bring back tax amnesty

The Colorado Statesman

Two Colorado lawmakers Wednesday said bringing back a 2003 tax amnesty idea, while not original, is creative and could bring in $15 million for K-12 education.