Letters to the Editor

Homeless Bill of Rights

Dear Editor:

HB15-1264, the Homeless Bill of Rights, sponsored by Democrats Salazar and Melton, Kefalas, Buckner, Esgar, Fields, Ginal, Lebsock, Moreno, Primavera, and Winter, appears to allow consensual sexual activity on the capitol lawn.

Letters: Public campaigns effectively privatized when press blocked from participating

Dear Editor,

Ignoring the First Amendment and its associated “Freedom of the Press,” one has to ask just what folks in the Sen. Michael Bennet campaign were thinking Sunday when they demanded members of the Fourth Estate leave a widely publicized campaign finance party kickoff.

Letters: Marketing brilliance or open meeting ethical faux pas?

Dear Editor,

How do you attract 100 Republicans to a Thornton funeral home early on a Saturday morning to hear a political debate between two middle-aged white guys? After all, GOP Chairman candidates Ryan Call and Steve House had already debated in many metro venues and over the airwaves in the last month to articulate the differences in their perspectives.

Letter: AG Cynthia Coffman makes case for House over Call for GOP Chair

Dear Friends,

I write today to encourage your support of Steve House for Chairman of the State Republican Party.

Letter: Too bad Udall’s campaign didn’t live up to the stellar candidate

Dear Editor,

Good for Mark, even if the quacking of a lame duck doesn’t carry over the Potomac, across the aisle, or up Pennsylvania Avenue. He’s been a force for good in the Senate, and his voice will be missed in a chamber that just took on a few new members who articulated some remarkably foolish and (mostly) unreported ideas in their campaigns.

So unfortunate that his campaign wasn’t able to live up to the quality of his performance and potential as a legislator. But it isn’t the first time that’s happened.

R. Garrett Mitchell

COGA strikes again

Dear Editor,

On Monday, Nov. 24, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA) attacked the fourth Front Range community whose citizens made the unwarranted presumption that they live in a democracy. COGA filed a complaint for declaratory judgment to invalidate Broomfield’s voter-approved moratorium on oil and gas extraction. What a surprise.

Tisha Schuller, president of COGA, issued a press release with the industry’s usual talking points, but this Orwellian statement stood out.

LETTER: Udall and Gardner both have cavalier disregard for humans in the womb — and women in general

Dear Editor,

I’ve admired former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave for many years and appreciated her advocacy on behalf of pre-born children. Your coverage of her recent event in the Aug. 29 issue is illuminating. I wish I could thank Marilyn for promoting National Right to Life’s 20-week abortion ban, but I can’t.

Letter: It’s time to unify after the backroom fracking deal by Hick and Polis

Dear Editor,

Thousands of Coloradans must stand together in light of the recent backroom deal cut by Governor John Hickenlooper and Congressman Jared Polis that short-circuited ballot measures that would have helped communities protect their health, safety and property from fracking. The only way to overcome this betrayal is to continue to build a unified, grassroots movement of moms and dads, business owners, and Coloradans from all walks of life. And within this movement, there is no place for the divisive attacks made by Thomas Linzey (guest column “Coloradans Deserve Better,” Statesman, 8/8/14). We invite all who want to protect their families and the future from fracking to rise above this unproductive finger pointing.

Letter: Klingenschmitt’s statements were wrong, racist

Dear Editor,

I am disappointed and shocked that the Republican Chair of El Paso County, Jeffrey Hays, did not follow the lead of his party chair at the state level, Ryan Call, and distance himself from the racist and incendiary remarks of House District 15 candidate, Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Letter: Scare ads and lies… time to send Cory Gardner to the U.S. Senate

Dear Editor,

I must say, Coloradans, that there are no statesmen from Colorado in the U.S. Senate. Why, you ask? Because statesmen do not tell lies or false facts. Senator Mark Udall and his special interest groups are doing just that. TV ads are full of false facts (lies) and scare tactics about Cory Gardner. You see, Cory Gardner is a statesman — a man of honor and integrity. Udall is a politician; one who is more concerned about winning favor and retaining power than about maintaining principles.