Letters to the Editor

Civil unions vote was heart-breaking act of pandering to the far right of the Republican Party

Dear Editor,

When Democrats held the majority in the State House, our caucus worked hard to create a more fair and just state for all Coloradoans.

We wanted an abortion-neutral crime bill but Rep. Waller abandoned us

Dear Editor,

An editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial (“Abortion foes sell out the unborn,” March 11) reported that Rep. Mark Waller pulled his fetal crimes bill because “the opposition was insurmountable,” in that “Colorado Right to Life and American Right to Life opposed the bill.”

Trust, but verify — County Clerks Association, please take note

Dear Editor,

The Colorado County Clerks Association wants elections to be trusted but not publicly verified.

Let’s move forward to restore belief in the Republican brand again

Dear Editor,

First and foremost, thank you to those who supported me throughout the campaign for Colorado state GOP Chair. I know that many were not voting members, but I appreciate the opportunity to spread our positive message.

Not too early to start working towards the 2012 precinct caucuses

Dear Editor,

Thanks to The Statesman for the very good coverage of the state conventions of both major political parties.

Municipal elections being held across the state

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Municipal League is aware of at least 14 cities and towns with regular or special elections occurring over the months of April, May, and June.

What happened to civility?

Dear Editor,

The personal attacks levied by The Statesman combined with the inaccuracies in the article “Morse complaint turned over to ethics committee,” March 25, 2011, seem to have caused confusion among those at the Capitol and others in political circles. Let me correct the inaccuracies.

Implement health care exchanges only after state opts-out of ObamaCare

Dear Senate President Pro Tempore Betty Boyd,

The discussion surrounding Senate Bill 200 (the Health Benefit Exchange) is proof positive that the enactment of ObamaCare has set the American debate about health care backward by light years.

Josh Penry’s views on unions are typical of right-wing thinking

Dear Editor,

In your March 4 issue, former Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry misinterpreted the core issue at the heart of the Wisconsin standoff. The main conflict is not about money. It is about freedom of association.

Analysts pretend moving children to private schools can have a measurable impact in 2012-2013

Dear Editor,

School voucher bills are a hardy perennial at the legislature. The last few years they’ve appeared in the guise of income tax credits. Perhaps proponents have high incomes.