Letters to the Editor

I offer some novel ideas for our new Governor

Dear Editor,

It was not too many years ago that the anti-tax front (maybe the Independence Institute — I don’t recall since my short term memory is failing) proposed to solve the last budget crisis by selling off all the “excess” state supported colleges. The proposal made a logical — if not politically acceptable — argument that the sales would not only provide an infusion of needed cash to the general fund, but would also greatly improve the level of higher education in the state by making the state’s dead-wood gathering institutions subject to entrepreneurial rejuvenation.

Tuition increases are also considered taxes

Dear Editor,

Governor Hickenlooper has repeatedly stated that the public is not in the mood for any new taxes. So why does he seem to be going along with significant new increases in a regressive tax called tuition increases?

Last legislative session public education boards, and CEO (including CEO Joe Garcia) “boycotted” the Benefield, Romer, Williams concurrent resolution to help responsibly fund public education (it was an election year).

Reasons why I’m no longer a Republican are many faceted

Dear Editor,

To those of you who listened when I asked you to trust the Republican Party, I apologize.

Ritter’s legacy will be one of excess taxes and laws

Dear Editor,

You try to make Bill Ritter a great person and a leader for our youth with your story in the Dec. 24 edition of The Statesman. (“Public service, not politics, on Ritter’s agenda.”)

Despite the knocks, British cuisine is among the best!

Dear Jay (if I may),
Greetings from a small piece of the United Kingdom situated in downtown Denver! 

As an avid reader of your column (Jay Fox’s No More Mr. Nice Guy) I was surprised, nay shocked, at your criticism of the food from my dearly beloved homeland! But I do note that you qualify your article by saying that it was some years ago that you tasted the delights of British cooking. If you were referring to some 25 or 30 years ago, personally, I would have to agree with your summary of the British kitchen. But today is a whole new ball game (to use an Americanism!!). 

Let’s get real in our discussions about healthcare

Dear Editor,

Many folks call ObamaCare a government takeover without explaining why they use that description. Can someone please explain how a system based on private insurance companies and private healthcare providers can be a government takeover? I agree that ObamaCare changes some rules about how healthcare will be conducted, and debate about those changes is important. But the simple label of “government takeover” stifles all conversation.

My latest campaign is keeping e-mail safe for kids


Now that the elections are over, I thought I would send you a completely non-political e-mail that provides something that might actually help you and your family now! It’s a new service to help protect your kids when they send or receive texts and emails from their cell phone. This service is called MouseMail, created by friends of mine at Safe Communications, Inc.

The basic package is available free to the first 100,000 early adopters at: www.FamilySafeHome.com/mousemail.

New GOP Senate leaders make CUT

Dear Editor,

Tea Party movement could end up as Tea Light if they’re not careful

Dear Editor,

If the elusive “tea party” wants more “vetting” they will end up like Republicans and Democrats with Saturday conventions otherwise known as pandering parties. 

The issue as I saw it in the Colorado Senate race was not that Ken Buck’s one vote in Washington would have made much difference regarding sancity of life or the homosexual agenda. The issue was that media forces and financial constituencies did not want him to convince others with his ‘non mainstream’ arguments. 

It wasn’t competitive but my candidacy for governor accomplished things

Dear Editor,
“Inside the ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.” — Muhammad Ali
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