Letters to the Editor

Let’s be clear: Schroeder was a real patsy

Dear Editor,

Your article in The Statesman recently about Patsy S. (InnerView with Pat Schroeder) begins with the statement that it has been edited for clarity. Too bad it wasn’t edited for fact checks or given a disclaimer that it is a rampant endorsement of liberal, excuse me, “progressive” meanderings. Patsy said she doesn’t know of anyone getting $300K for an article or as an advance on a book besides Scott McInnis. Maybe you can pass on a name to Pat; Hillary Clinton?

Big Brother doesn’t rule

Dear Editor,

I live in Arapahoe County. My county sheriff just phoned me about 60, 61, and 101 using a computerized calling system.

He called to identify himself and to tell me how to vote. I despise his underlying messages, which are:

1.  I am the sheriff.
2.  I carry a gun.
3.  I know where you live.
4.  Vote NO, or else bad things will happen to you.

I thought Election Day was the one day We the People got to tell elected officials what we wanted.

An open letter to candidate Dan Maes: For the sake of the state, please get out of the governor’s race

Oct. 20, 2010

Dear Mr. Maes,

The Western Slope Conservative Alliance represents the largest grassroots effort in the state and we were among the first to acknowledge your campaign and many on our board were among some of your staunchest supporters. We have watched your campaign for Governor from the beginning and have been sorely disappointed with the way your campaign has operated since the primary.

Our concerns can be placed into two categories.

Schweitzberger: Governor’s race continues to amaze

Dear Editor,

I knew I was in the right location when I saw a Tancredo banner perfectly aligned between two American flags. I can’t say it was a “stump speech” because I haven’t heard Tom Tancredo speak in years. Does he not know it’s better to tell voters what they want to hear than what he thinks they need to hear?

It was a crowd of supporters, no television cameras. A bit of a fundraiser but nobody was required to pay an admission fee. I didn’t anyway.

Rep. Steve King should support The Terrific Three

Dear Editor,

State Rep. Steve King, R-Mesa County, wrote a confession to the Grand Junction Sentinel this week.

Having attacked tax relief issues 60, 61, and 101 weeks ago, he rejected many reasons given to oppose it.

He admits credit restrictions were “a result of the current recession, not a cause of it.” Yet he opposed Amendment 61, which foes say will cause another recession by limiting debt.

Help us make the CUT — support 60, 61 and 101

To fellow Taxpayers,

This fall, three initiatives — Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61 will be on the ballot. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers supports these measures and we urge you to do the same. After reading each initiative closely, we believe it is clear to any rational person that these measures will be good for all of Colorado taxpayers and are worthy of support.

Mary, Mary, you’re quite contrary with your politics

Dear Editor,

In the September 24th issue of The Statesman in the article entitled “Hick’s bipartisan supporters convene under one big tent,” a picture appeared that featured former Denver GOP Chairwoman Mary Smith with Mayor John Hickenlooper, the Democratic candidate for Governor. In the caption, it says that Mary Smith gladly posed with Mayor Hickenlooper at the fundraiser.

Fallon is worthy of support

Dear Editor,

Dr. Mike Fallon is by far the finest candidate to run for the First Congressional (Colorado) seat in over 30 years!

Regardless where you live, votes by representatives impact you.

Dr. Mike Fallon has created more private sector jobs then has his opponent.

Dr. Mike Fallon knows how to save lives.

As he does in the Emergency Room, Dr. Mike Fallon will care for you, regardless your political, religious, professional affiliation, gender, age or ethnicity!

For more facts about Dr. Mike Fallon, please go to: www.Fallon4Congress.com

Don’t be fooled by hype of political ruling class

Dear Editor,

Your Sept. 17 issue carried a story on page 13 by Anthony Bowe on the ‘Satirical Skit’ re the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning those portions of the McCain Feingold law which restricted free political speech by groups and individuals.

Should not Mr. Bowe have also reported that McCain Feingold was overturned because it throttled the ability of all grass roots organizations to speak on issues and candidates’ records for at least a month prior to Election Day, rather than exclusively parroting the hype of the political ruling class?

Why resign as GOP chair when I’m supporting the legit GOP candidate?

Dear Editor, 

This is in response to Mr. Tory Brown’s letter to the editor (Sept. 17, 2010 Statesman) requesting my resignation as Chair of the Arapahoe County Republican Party because I am supporting Republican candidates who have been chosen by Republican voters to be Republican nominees. 

What a strange year.