Letters to the Editor

Arapahoe County GOP chairman ought to resign

To Dave Kerber, Arapahoe County Republican Chairman,

As Chairman of the Arapahoe County Republican Party, you have called for the resignation or removal of all Republicans who are party officers if they support Tom Tancredo for Governor. I have a better suggestion: I hereby request the resignation of Mr. Kerber and all other Republican Party officials who blindly support our current Republican gubernatorial nominee. 

Republican legislators who don’t support our nominees should be denied committee chairmanships

Dear Editor,

The following was sent to GOP leaders Sen. Mike Kopp and Rep. Frank McNulty. The actions of elected GOP House and Senate members who openly support a third party bid ensures a John Hickenlooper victory. These House and Senate members must be held to account for splitting the GOP for good and for the continued liberal progressive slide of Colorado.


Aren’t Republicans supposed to cut taxes?

Dear Editor, 

In the Sept. 10 Colorado Statesman, on the back page there are a large number of Republican legislators and partner organizations who have come out in opposition to Referendums 60, 61 and 101. In the second paragraph it is stated, “we share that frustration with the recent fee and tax increases by Governor Ritter and the Democrats and have been working to roll them back and limit the scope of Government.”

Am I the only Republican left, or is this exactly what our party platform calls for?

A conservative can be elected governor — his name is Tom Tancredo

Dear Editor,

Winning the governor’s race in Colorado by a conservative is possible. Mayor John Hickenlooper is simply a Liberal Democrat who will spread big government by promising anything and delivering higher taxes and more nanny-state regulations on all of us.

There is exactly one candidate who has the proven leadership for Colorado.

He has personally educated the children of Colorado as a public school teacher at Drake Jr. High School.

If only Hal Shroyer were around to knock some sense into Dan Maes…

Dear Editor,  

Thank you Dan Maes for deciding that your own self-interest, desires and needs are more important than the Republican Party of Colorado, which has been around a lot more than your short-lived candidacy.

Where is HAL SHROYER when you need him? If he were still around, God rest his soul, I guarantee you would have quit by now!!!! Hal would have made sure of it. 

Nathan Hatcher

Williams may have signed taxpayer protection pledge, but her record doesn’t hold up

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers is pleased that two candidates for Governor of Colorado, Republican Dan Maes and Libertarian Jaimes Brown, have signed CUT’s taxpayer protection Pledge.

We are also pleased that Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Tambor Williams is a Pledge signer. However, CUT is concerned that Williams’s votes, subsequent to her signing the Pledge on July 20, 2000, were often not protective of taxpayer interests.

Oil and gas supports Colorado jobs and our economy

Dear Editor, 

The Administration’s proposal to eliminate the ‘dual capacity’ rule for American energy firms is the wrong path during this economic downturn. Its elimination would effectively double-tax our domestic oil and natural gas producers on foreign income earned. The top ten energy companies are state-owned companies from China, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Algeria, and Russia and this double income tax proposal puts us at a competitive disadvantage against these state-run competitors to secure energy sources. 

We’ll soon be represented by elected officials, not vacancy committee appointees

Dear Editor,

We couldn’t be prouder of the way all of these Democratic candidates and their teams pounded the pavement and promoted a historic turnout. This is the effort it takes to win in November.

Both the U.S. Senate and the state Senate races created difficult choices for the Democrats of Larimer County. I want to congratulate all these candidates and all our Larimer County Democratic Party members for voting their democratic ideals.

Benson and Brown are the GOP’s only hope in Governor’s race

Dear Editor,

While I have sometimes admired Tom Tancredo for standing up for what he politically believes in, I rarely have agreed with his conclusions. But in Colorado governor’s race he has recently challenged both the Republican Party primary candidates, Scott McInnis and Dan Maes to drop out of the race after the August 10 primary if they are tailing the Democratic challenger John Hickenlooper.