Letters to the Editor

Faith community urges Legislature to let voters DECIDE

Dear Editor,

The faith community has long had a vital interest in the education of our youth. Early in our country’s history, education of children was often centered in the Church. Many, if not most, of our private colleges and universities were originally started by some form of Church.

Teachers should be honored during Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Editor,

American educator Robert Maynard Hutchins said it best: “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”

At least we spelled his name correctly

Dear Editor,

I love The Statesman — it’s topical, informative and highly accurate. So I was surprised to read in a recent edition (March 26, 2010) this quote from our state Senate president on John Suthers’ pointless, partisan attack on the recent health care reform bill: “I’m disappointed that the Attorney General is choosing to use state resources in needless litigation,” added Senate President Brandon Shaffer, D-Fort Collins.

AG Suthers couldn’t be more wrong in his decision to file lawsuit

The Honorable John W. Suthers
Attorney General
Colorado Department of Law
1525 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Honorable Attorney General John Suthers:

A great quote, but unfortunately attributed to wrong founding father

Dear Editor,

I thought I should send along a comment on your article about the GOP function “2010 Candidate Search” in Colorado Springs in case you might need a heads-up about a hilarious historical mistake.

Why kill a bill to allow us to purchase health insurance across state lines?

Dear Editor,

House Bill 1163, which was brought forth in the Colorado House for the purpose of Interstate purchase of health insurance in January and February, was “moved to postpone indefinitely” by the State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee.

Rep. Polis: Be careful what you pray for...

Dear Editor,

A couple weeks ago, I stood up for the public option, and was blown away by the public support.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama, Democratic National Committee Officers and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

As former members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), we had the honor of serving as staff or DNC members for a collective total of 38 years between 1971 and 2010. During our service on the DNC, no sitting Democratic President of the United States ever became involved in a Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. When I (Polly) was Vice Chair of the National Democratic Party (1981-89), I pledged prior to my election that I would not be involved in any Democratic primary race, which was the norm for national Party Officers.

Wadhams needs to be schooled on the ABC’s of counting votes

Dear Editor,

I’m used to (GOP State Chairman) Dick Wadhams stretching the truth. He’s become quite the master at the art. But his statements in your article last week (“Parties prep for caucuses,” 2/26/10) go beyond stretching and into the imaginary.

The Teller Tea Party tells it like it is

Dear Editor,

We thank you for acknowledging and covering any Tea Party events; however, your coverage does not catch the sprit of what we stand for. Since there is confusion, we will tell you what we are all about.