Letters to the Editor

Health care advocates like Sen. Reid are slavery boosters

An Open Letter to Sen. Reid:

Opponents of health care reform are not supporters of slavery. You have it backwards. A statement more accurate to the truth would have been to say that proponents of health care reform are supporters of slavery.

Join Sen. Bennet in support of a woman’s right to choose

Dear Friend,

When I heard that the Senate was considering an amendment to the health care reform bill that would take away access to critical medical procedures for millions of American women — in effect undermining the reproductive rights we’ve fought so hard to get — I was truly shocked. I thought we were beyond this point.

Kudos to Bennet on being part of the "new" politics

Dear Editor,

Looks like the politics of “Yes” beats the politics of “No.”

Strain of multiple deployments justifies new facility

The Honorable Eric Shinseki
Secretary, Department of Veterans’ Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20420

Dear Secretary Shinseki,

Thank you for playing an instrumental role in bringing a new, state-of-the-art VA medical center to Aurora, Colorado. This long overdue facility will provide critical medical services to veterans in Colorado and throughout the western United States.

Jacobs led New York out of the urban wasteland

Dear Editor,

“Wrestling with Moses,” Anthony Flint’s book, does not discuss the Israelites crossing the desert from Egypt.

“Wrestling with Moses” tells the gripping story of how Jane Jacobs took on New York’s Robert Moses and changed the American city forever. It is more the story of David fighting Goliath, the humble and lowly neighbors locked in combat against their own arrogant politicians and city planners. Jacobs got her start by leading the fight against the Lower Manhattan Expressway expansion into her neighborhood, Washington Square and Greenwich Village.

Clear the Bench clears up inaccuracy

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading the article on last week’s Lincoln Club luncheon in the most recent Colorado Statesman. It’s always interesting to read a journalist’s perspective on events that one has witnessed in person — sometimes there is even a significant degree of overlap between published accounts and personal recollections.

Bennet scores against CNN with one simple word

Dear Editor,

Yes. Imagine that. A simple answer to a reporter’s “gotcha” question. When John King of CNN asked Michael Bennet if he’d support health care reform even if it meant he’d lose next year’s election, the response was “Yes.”

Bennet makes me proud

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Senator Bennet for standing up for health care reform. I was really proud to hear Michael say what so many of us wished all our legislators would say ... that losing his Senate seat pales in comparison to the thousands of people that are dying every month from the failure of our broken health care system.

Concrete advice on a career

Dear Editor,

In the 1967 movie “The Graduate,” Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, is told that his future after his graduation from college could be found in one word — “plastics.”

Penry opens door, McInnis walks through

Dear Friends,

As many of you have heard, Josh Penry decided this week to leave the race for governor. We realize the importance of this decision and the impact on our campaign. Josh has opened the door, enabling a renewed party unification and the opportunity to heal old wounds. It is incumbent on our campaign to walk through that door.