Letters to the Editor

Pro-life Republican candidates need to speak up

Dear Editor,

After reading The Colorado Statesman’s Oct. 16 article, “Knock, knock! Who’s there? Not McInnis!” by Jason Kosena, I felt compelled to write about the section of the article subtitled “What about abortion?”

Coffman owes an apology to the many men and women of Colorado who have honorably served our country

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to read the Oct. 23 guest column by Congressman Mike Coffman (“Penry, HB 1317 shortchange America’s troops”), in which he suggested that those of us in the state Senate who supported House Bill 1317 did so “based on a political calculation, and without regard for the men and women in uniform.”

McInnis is on the wrong side of Western values when it comes to Piñon Canyon and eminent domain

To the men and women of the Armed Forces:

Thank you for your service. Thank you for having the courage to move to the sound of the guns for your country. Further, the Army’s own study (“Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site Community Research,” July 2008) confirms that the ranchers and farmers of southeast Colorado also thank you and understand the importance of training for combat. This is not about you.

'Politically calculating,' Penry or Coffman?

Dear Editor,

As one of the 25 state senators who supported House Bill 1317, I was saddened by U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman’s recent guest column characterizing gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry’s support of HB 1317 as being made “simply on the basis of a political calculation, without any regard for the men and women in uniform who serve this nation in defense of our freedom.”

McInnis misled voters on Piñon Canyon

Dear Editor,

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis was putting out misleading information about Piñon Canyon all along the way in his campaign tour last week.

Piñon Canyon piece thorough, much-needed examination

Dear Jason,

Great job on the Piñon Canyon feature! It was the most in-depth piece that’s been done in quite some time and is a much-needed update in the context of the current governors’ race. I love the photos and the multimedia slide show. Good work!

Don't let Army sneakily annex Piñon Canyon

Dear Senator Bennet:

The residents of southeastern Colorado have been fighting the United States Army’s attempts at expanding the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) for six years. Clearly, expansion cannot occur in a contagious fashion without forcibly removing many multigenerational families off the land. Our congressional delegation has recognized this fact, and, for the past three years, Congress has approved a prohibition on the Army’s use of any appropriated moneys to expand PCMS.

Udall epithet aside, global warming lacks proof

Dear Editor,

When a letter disagreeing with something I have written is published, even if I am misquoted, I generally do not write a response. I have stated my case, they have stated theirs, and that should be good enough for the discerning reader.

Grant suspension jeopardizes welfare of gaming communities

To: The Honorable Moe Keller
Chairman, Joint Budget Committee
Colorado General Assembly

Governor: Get real! Enough with the 'surgical cuts'

Dear Gov. Ritter,

The latest quarterly forecast released this week by legislative economists — pointing to another $240 million in cuts to this year’s state budget alone — is, of course, troubling. Perhaps even more troubling, however, is your response. Frankly, you seem to be in denial. In fact, almost since the first warning signs of the current, crippling recession nearly two years ago, you and your administration have persistently attempted to soft-pedal the crisis.