Letters to the Editor

Davoren sets the record straight

Dear Editor,

Thanks much for running my review of Phil Goodstein’s new book on South Denver in the May 22 issue. It felt so good!

While reading it, I realized that there was a very fuzzy sentence in the fourth paragraph that some readers would interpret as claiming I served alongside several South Denver legislators — Joe Shoemaker, Robert Wham and Don Friedman, which just ain’t so. The fuzziness (age-related on my part? — I’ll be 83 in July) occurred because I’d been leafing through the book and noting very well-known names to mention. Unfortunately, the sentence definitely implied that I’d served with them.

Ritter backs workers in signing two bills

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, we were happy to see the signing of several worker-friendly bills by Colorado Governor Ritter. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and others worked hard to ensure the passage of House Bill 1310 — the Employee Misclassification Bill — protecting hardworking families from being misclassified as independent contractors, thus losing benefits and increasing employees’ costs.

Denver Dems adopt Employee Free Choice Act resolution

The Democratic Party of Denver adopted the following resolution by vote of its Executive Committee:

WHEREAS, the middle class in America is rapidly losing ground, and income for the median working age household fell by about $2,000 between 2000 and 2007, while the average family spent over $4,600 more for basic expenses; and

WHEREAS, the Employee Free Choice Act will strengthen our economy by helping to rebuild the middle class and create an economy that works for everyone; and

Consumers’ financial needs best met with a variety of options, including regulated payday loans

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Statesman’s May 1 story on the Bank on Cities Campaign selecting Denver as one of eight cities participating in the program is good news for consumers, but was inaccurate in its reporting on payday loan consumers when it claimed the program will provide greater financial stability for residents who “spend millions of dollars a year on payday loan fees because they don’t have bank accounts” (“Program offers escape from payday loans”).

Apuan has been MIA from his district in Colorado Springs — House District 17 deserves better

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate when people elect officials but do not receive the representation they need. Such is the case with state Representative Dennis Apuan. He dispatched a column touting his achievements to several newspapers after the legislative session. Yet, he never once addressed the House delegation for House District 17.

With your help, the Buck won’t stop here — Join us in supporting Ken Buck for the U.S. Senate

Dear Editor,

Chuck, my husband, met Ken Buck three years ago, and was impressed enough then to urge him to consider running for U.S. Senate. Needless to say, we’re delighted with his decision to do so!

As our Weld County District Attorney, we’ve had an opportunity to study and critique this very electable gentleman up close.

We’ve witnessed first hand the deep passion Ken has for working for you and me, and well — each and every Coloradan.

Give credit to Democrats in this case; they were responsible for redistricting back in 2001 and 2002

Dear Editor,

Just read the May 1 article regarding the SD 31 vacancy committee in Denver. You state that the district was “hobbled together by Republicans” who controlled redistricting.

The district was neither drawn by Republicans nor could it have been.

First, Democrats controlled the Senate during 2001 and 2002.

Legislative session drove home need for real change in Secretary of State's office

Dear Editor,

Back in early January I announced my bid for Colorado Secretary of State. I have entered the race in order to make positive changes, based on my experience drawn from years of practicing election law, running small businesses, serving as an Army officer, and working as a federal prosecutor. My goal is to bring meaningful leadership to that office, so we have election systems that are fair and trustworthy.

Gender reassignment should be disclosable

Dear Editor,

If laws are meant for any purpose, it ought to be to prevent violence. Legislation offering “protected status” for behaviors and gender reassignments also ought to include disclaimer requirements.

Welfare and readiness of our soldiers demands that Governor veto HB 1317

An open letter to Governor Bill Ritter:

I insist that you veto House Bill 1317 that would block the U.S. Army from expanding its already insufficient training land around Piñon Canyon.