Letters to the Editor

Abortion foes ready to attack Souter successor on Supreme Court

Dear Editor,

Justice David Souter’s announcement of his forthcoming retirement is a stark reminder that elections matter: The decisions made by the nine justices who sit on the nation’s highest court have far-reaching consequences for the daily lives of every American.

Can’t we all just 'Buy American?'

Dear Editor,

The story, “‘Buy American’ hits free-trade wall” in The Colorado Statesman of Oct. 23, made me think, “How about making it easy for me to find American-made products to voluntarily buy, instead of the government forcing me to buy American?”

Watch out, Michelle! Gardening can be risky

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

Thank you for your efforts to draw attention to healthy food.

The purpose of my note is related to your planting of a “Victory Garden.”

Crowder misses point on gay marriage

To: Larry Crowder
Re: “Open letter to Scott McInnis,”
April 10, 2009, Colorado Statesman

Willing to discuss the gay marriage issue — If you are willing to hear a Christian citizen’s response to your errors. If not, I will not cast pearls before swine (waste my or your time).

TEA parties show way to prosperity

Dear Editor,

Across our nation, Colorado, and most particularly, in Larimer County, the April 15 TEA Parties were remarkable events. Thousands of Colorado citizens (7,000 at the State Capitol, 2,000 in Fort Collins, close to 1,000 in Loveland and 300 in Estes Park) took to the streets for more reasons than to simply protest Tax Day. These were rallies for freedom.

Republican victory, not choice, is the issue

Dear Editor,

As a candidate, I was pleased to see the article on my candidacy by Face the State in The Statesman. Much of it, beginning with the title, was misleading enough that I hope to get equal time.

Out-of-touch anti-abortion Republican agenda is hurting the chances of potential GOP candidates

Dear Editor,

The idea of a common-sense, real Republican taking on social extremist state Sen. Dave Schultheis is a breath of fresh air to me and many other active Colorado Republicans who are tired of the fundamentalist chokehold on our state Party.

Don’t let Amendment 35 dollars go up in smoke — health care reform is as important as the budget

An open Letter to the Governor and Members of the General Assembly:

Teachers sometimes refer to tough decisions as “teachable moments.” We would like to point out one such teachable moment occurring amidst the Legislature’s very challenging budget process, given our state’s significant budget deficit. We are concerned about the future of Colorado’s health care system, and like you, want to support fiscal decisions that protect all Coloradoans. Depleting Amendment 35 dollars may seem to provide temporary fiscal relief, when it actually ensures longer-term burden for Colorado taxpayers.

Health Care Affordability Act is opportunity for corruption

Dear Mr. Haugh,

I saw your March 27 article on the Health Care Affordability Act in The Colorado Statesman. While I realize that it is often difficult to digest a more-than-30-page bill, I feel that your readers deserve more accuracy.

An open letter to Scott McInnis

To Scott McInnis,

Received your letter dated March 25 and thought I would respond. There are several issues in which I have a concern that the Republican Party needs to look at.

First of all, I do not think any democracy can stand with multiple languages. I believe different cultures do and will exist, but, without a common language, we, as a country, are in trouble. This can be approached in a way that does not discriminate if done properly.