Letters to the Editor

The beginning of the end of state-supported higher education

Dear Editor,

You can predict that every time the business cycle takes a downturn, Colorado’s colleges and universities will take a hit. This time, the proposed cut is huge, with approximately $403 million being chopped from an initial $708 million budget. Adams State College’s share of this proposed cut is over $8 million — somewhat more than an AIG CEO bonus, but a drop in the bucket that used to be Colorado’s higher education’s budget, now three-quarters empty.

EFCA would grant power to the people

Dear Editor,

While Wall Street only recently went into crisis mode, working families have been feeling the pain for years. Even though worker productivity has soared over the last 25 years, wages have gone stagnant. Working families had to turn to second jobs, credit cards and toxic loans just to stay afloat. Meanwhile, corporate executives squandered workers’ increasing profitability on their jet-setter lifestyles.

Dennis Apuan was AWOL when it came to fighting for Fort Carson

Dear Editor,

This past week, members of the Colorado State House of Representatives extensively debated House Bill 1317, by Representatives Sal Pace and Wes McKinley, better known as the “Block Piñon Canyon Expansion” bill. This bill would effectively preclude the U.S. Department of Defense and Fort Carson from ever expanding its Piñon Canyon Training facility.

Republican Party in Colorado needs to rein in Rep. Marostica

Dear Republican Leader:

You are part of a group of community leaders that placed Don Marostica on the ballot and then worked to elect him. You sent him to the Capitol with the understanding that he would protect your liberties and would honor your independence and personal responsibility. You are likely the best political pressure point to insist that Rep. Marostica retract a current policy proposal with terrible consequences.

Benson’s CU leadership offers great promise

Dear Editor:

As you might remember, I was a critic of Bruce Benson’s initial appointment.

But too often in our time, citizens and others feel license to offer nothing but criticism of our leaders once they are in office. But in the person of Colorado University President Bruce Benson we have a leader that, so far, is well worth praising.

Benson has thus far proved to be both visionary and action-oriented. He has demonstrated a grasp of the possibilities of his office.

Chris Romer borrows Tom Sawyer’s whitewash

Dear Editor,

Tom Sawyer and Colorado Senator Chris Romer share something. Both know how to whitewash the facts. Both know how to get someone else to work or pay for their responsibilities. Both know how to make sure they are not responsible for their actions.

Guv should veto HB 1274 and allow public discourse on death penalty

Dear Editor,

As a former police officer and public servant, I feel compelled to speak out and encourage Governor Ritter to veto House Bill 1274, which would have the effect of doing away with the death penalty in Colorado.

Paper voting errors more easily tracked

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Election Reform Commission (CERC), consisting of 11 voluntary but hard-working appointees, has a new report to the Colorado Legislature that “seeks to look forward.” The CERC report is, in fact, looking backwards, continuing to respond to a heavily federally funded mandate known as the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA).

An open letter to members of the Election Reform Commission

Dear Election Reform Commissioner,

For the Election Reform Commission to take action without first addressing the widespread corruption in Colorado’s election system would compromise the integrity of the commission itself. To ignore the corruption would signify that the commissioners were uninformed or, if informed, inattentive to those aspects of the election system that most affect voter confidence.