Letters to the Editor

Don’t burden business with health care woes

Dear Editor,

In a letter to The Colorado Statesman on Feb. 6, the Colorado director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Tony Gagliardi, observes that forcing Colorado’s small businesses to purchase health insurance for their employees would bankrupt many businesses. Health Care for All Colorado agrees.

El Paso County GOP election sends clear message

Dear Statesman,

I enjoyed your recent article on Kay Rendleman’s campaign for the El Paso County Republican Party chair. (“El Paso County GOP factions grapple over leadership,” Jan. 30).

Acting COGCC head has got to go

State Rep. Steve King, R-Grand Junction, delivered this letter to Gov. Bill Ritter on Dec. 15.

Dear Gov. Ritter,

There is mounting evidence that sweeping new rules regulating oil and gas exploration will make an already deteriorating economic environment in Colorado’s natural gas industry drastically worse.

It’s time for Republicans to condemn Lamborn’s tactics

Dear Editor,

I write you today to ask you to join me in condemning the tactics of Doug Lamborn in his campaign for re-election to Congress.

Many of you may remember two years ago, when Doug’s campaign employed below-the-belt tactics (labeled “sleazy” by Joel Hefley) in order to win election. I heard from many voters who regretted voting early for Doug and wished they could take their votes back.

Please don’t make the same mistake again in 2008.

Suffering service stations don’t deserve insult

Dear Editor,

On behalf of all the convenience stores and service stations that are going through the worst times they have experienced since 1974, we wish to express our utter disdain at your publishing the tasteless and crude political cartoon depicting a bicyclist riding by a service station while giving a middle-finger salute in your July 4 edition.

Our economy is bleeding jobs, yet McCain offers no real solutions

Dear Editor,

The economic plan Sen. John McCain unveiled this week in Denver is woefully short on solutions to the current economic crisis, representing little more than an extension of the failed Bush economic agenda. Every day, Colorado working families are dealing with tighter personal budgets, due to declining home values, mounting debt, and skyrocketing costs of everything from gas and food to health care. We need to turn around our failing economy, yet Sen. McCain is proposing more of the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

Fuggedabout the DNC; visit Pueblo

Dear Editor,

It’s a little early, but I want to make sure that those who desire to take advantage of my suggestions have hotel reservations.

I am sure that most of the million or so residents of the metro area are enthusiastically looking forward to greeting all those visitors who will be arriving in the latter part of August to attend the BIG convention. For the dozen or so who want to skip the chaos caused by delegates, demonstrators, press people and politicians in general, I offer a few suggestions for an inexpensive and nearby escape.

Land's owners are its true stewards

Dear Editor,

The Paramount Theater has been declared a historic landmark by the city of Denver. So what could be a better venue to initiate a public rulemaking hearing of historic proportions? Over the past weeks, hundreds of people — representing landowners, energy companies and environmentalists — have sat for endless hours with their eyes focused on center stage, watching every move of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Let’s stick to the facts: Crank-Rayburn poll was deeply flawed

Dear Editor,

In an earlier edition of The Statesman, Leslie Jorgensen wrote a lengthy article — three entire pages — on a polling agreement made between Major General Bentley Rayburn and Mr. Jeff Crank. That article portrayed one campaign’s side of the story. In the best interest of accuracy and in light of a recent statement from the poll sponsor, the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association, which stated, “… the implementation and the process for this effort were flawed so we agreed that the [problems] … invalidated any agreement …,” here are the facts.

Rayburn campaign off base in effort to discredit poll

Dear Editor,

In attempting to discredit a polling agreement between its candidate and Jeff Crank, the Rayburn campaign has attempted to rewrite history. Interestingly, at no time before, during or after the poll during private conversations did the Rayburn campaign accuse the Crank campaign or its pollster of violating the agreement. Only in its public attempts to discredit the poll has the Rayburn camp appropriated such terminology and characterizations.